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 VE Confernce at LIU
November 9, 2022

Huntington VE Students Participate in Leadership Conference

Huntington High School Virtual Enterprise business students sharpened their skills at the Long Island VE Leadership Conference at LIU Post, participating in a newly designed event that focused on the characteristics of effective executives.

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About Our Food and Nutrition Services

Huntington's Pulse Virtual Enterprise corporate team

Healthy, Nutritious Food Choices each Day

The Huntington food service program strives to provide students and staff with healthy, nutritious and good tasting food choices each day. Detailed monthly menus are provided to each school. These are also posted on the district’s Food Services website and as a link on the district's homepage in the Student Life section.

Variety of Complete Meals and A LA Carte Items

A variety of breakfast and lunch items are offered, including full complete meals and numerous ala carte choices. Although the cafeteria program is self-sustaining, prices are kept as low as possible. An assortment of salads, hot and cold sandwiches, hot meals, yogurt and other items are featured along with fruit, milk and juice. At the secondary level, additional choices are provided along with traditional items. Half and full year lunch tickets are also available for purchase at each school to reduce or eliminate the need to carry money each day. (To access a pre-paid ticket order form click on the Forms and Files link on this page.)

The food service program is also capable of catering grade level parties and special events. For more information call the Food & Nutrition Office at 631-673-2107


What can be more important than helping young people lead active, healthy and productive lives? The Huntington School District is committed to educating students in the benefits of good nutrition, a well-balanced diet and vigorous exercise.

During health and physical education classes, students experience lessons designed to inform and stimulate them. They learn about the value of being physically active and fit. Classroom teachers also play a role in promoting wellness, with discussions, projects and special events throughout the school year.

Huntington's young people are encouraged to turn-off their computers and televisions and head outside for a bike ride, a long walk or run, a game of basketball or tennis or other physical activities that might be of interest to them.

While there is a definite role for technology in our lives today, health professionals believe too many people are allowing it to dominate their free time and are ignoring the vital role of movement activities in a healthy lifestyle.

Students are also regularly provided with information about community-based physical activities, such as local sports leagues. Many of these organizations are given permission to use district facilities and they in turn offer valuable experiences during evening hours and on weekends.

The district's cafeterias are engaged in healthy initiatives, too. Today's students are being given more nutritious food choices, with less saturated fat and fewer empty calories. Cafeteria foods are fresher and more appealing in taste and smell.

Elementary students are provided with equipment to use during recess periods so they can play basketball, soccer or football or even jump rope. Secondary students are given an opportunity to participate in a wide-ranging interscholastic athletics program.

The Healthy Huntington initiative seeks to create a culture of good health and positive lifestyle choices through the joint efforts of teachers, administrators, coaches , PTA's and community organizations.

Huntington's Pulse Virtual Enterprise corporate team

Hunger Solutions New York and Affordable Connectivity Program

SNAP helps New Yorkers buy food

SNAP provides monthly benefits to buy food at grocery stores and farmers markets. Click the button below to see if you may be eligible and how to apply for SNAP. Hunger Solutions New York can help you complete and submit your application. It is free and confidential.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program information for those who qualify for the Free or Reduced Meal Program, SNAP or other federal assistance programs may be eligible for discounts on their internet bill.

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