The Huntington High School mock trial team.
The Huntington High School mock trial team.

H-ton Mock Trial Finishes Regular Season Undefeated

March 11, 2024

The Huntington mock trial team closed out the regular season with a perfect 4-0 mark after turning back a stiff challenge at Southampton. The Blue Devils needed to bring their “A game” to Suffolk’s East End and they did, putting on a dazzling courtroom display.

Huntington was playing to help it secure a top seed in the Sweet 16 playoff round while Southampton was striving to keep its post-season hopes above. The battle was a long anticipated rematch between the two schools, which went toe-to-toe late last winter.

The Blue Devil roster is filled with talented performers, who are guided by volunteer legal advisor Xavier Palacios and faculty advisors Suzi Biagi and Bryan Outsen.

At Southampton, Huntington junior Natalie Parrot started off the prosecution’s case by delivering an opening statement for the first time “and she did so with grace, poise and professional presence, maintaining eye contact with the judge for the full five-minute opening,” Mr. Outsen said. “She put out her best performance of the year showcasing great objection rebuttals as well as the ability to go off script and contain a difficult Southampton witness.”

Junior Lizzy James was the Blue Devils’ lead witness and her extensive experience was obvious as she performed a flawless direct examination and battled Southampton’s lead attorney with tenacity and wit.

Freshman Alex Bockeman showed great improvement in her second start this year, maintaining perfect posture and confidence during both her direct and cross examinations and showcasing mastery of her affidavit.

Senior David Goldstein made his first ever start for the Huntington mock trial team and he did a solid job portraying a disgruntled ex-employee, battling through a very intense and chaotic cross examination.

Senior Hilell Linker held his own against a combative Southampton witness and an onslaught of objections from their attorneys and was able to complete a cross examination that yield necessary facts for our closing statement.

Junior Nina Fascilla showed the entire courtroom why she is the Blue Devils’ mock trial co-president and not only went toe-to-toe with arguably the most difficult witness of her career, but was able to stay composed enough to deliver her most dominant closing statement of the year thus far.

“This match was a nail biter from start to finish and most spectators had no idea how the judge would rule, but thankfully Huntington came out on top winning by one point to cap off their ninth consecutive undefeated regular season and 45th straight regular season victory,” Mr. Outsen said.

The two teams are set for a rematch on Wednesday at Suffolk County District Court in Central Islip in a Sweet 16 playoff round match-up. No. 2 Huntington and No. 15 Southampton will switch sides in the case with the Blue Devils know arguing for the defense.