This is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac.
This is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. 

Washington Integrates Technology with Math & Lunar New Year

january 23, 2023

Washington Primary School first grade teachers and school library media specialist Rebecca Kraus recently collaborated on an activity integrating technology with math and the Lunar New Year.

Students at work in the Washington School library (3)

Utilizing a 3D design resource known as Doodle3d, first grade students created a rabbit to commemorate the “Year of the Rabbit.”

To create their rabbits, students used a computational thinking skill they learned in technology class known as decomposition; breaking a large complex problem into smaller, simpler to understand steps,” Principal Michelle Richards explained.

Using their knowledge of shapes, students were able to brainstorm and share ideas about what shapes could make the parts of a rabbit. Then, students were able to use Doodle3d to create the shapes and put them together into a complete shape of a rabbit. “Once finished, students took their knowledge and skill set of computers a step further and were able to save and download their rabbits onto their hard drives to access later,” Dr. Richards said.

Washington students thoroughly enjoy their weekly classes in the library, where new horizons are explored and the youngsters’ intellectual curiosities are satisfied.

“One of the goals of our library/technology program is to integrate curricular knowledge into building competencies with technology,” Dr. Richards said. “Lessons such as the ones which took place in technology this week are examples of the intentional planning as well as teamwork of our faculty.”