Washington first graders used shapes to learn geometry
Washington first graders used shapes to learn geometry 

Washington First Graders Learn Geometry

january 19, 2023

Washington Primary School first grade teacher Lauren Whitney’s class recently used a kinesthetic approach to learn geometry. Using Reveal math’s activity based exploration, students were able to explore on their own and use 2D shapes to create composite shapes.

Students worked in groups and discussed the names of the shapes they used to create a new shape. One group decided to work together and create a dragon for the Lunar New Year (blue). “It is important for our students to develop skills and concepts through various modalities of learning,” Principal Michelle Richards said.

Mrs. Whitney obtained a BS degree in childhood education at SUNY College at Cortland in 2014 and went on to earn a master’s degree at CUNY-Queens College. She been working in Huntington UFSD in various capacities since December 2015.

“Washington’s learning and instructional focus is to ‘SWIRL’ every lesson,” Dr. Richards said. “During the lesson planning process teachers intentionally implement components of speaking-writing-interacting-reading-listening into each lesson in order to address various modalities of learning.”

Mrs. Whitney was on SUNY College at Cortland’s Dean’s List and President’s List and was admitted to both Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society.