Senior Hannah Song in action for the Huntington field hockey team. (Darin Reed photo.)
Senior Hannah Song in action for the Huntington field hockey team. (Darin Reed photo.)

Blue Devil Uniform is Special for H-ton Athletes

December 12, 2023

What does it mean to Huntington High School athletes to wear a Blue Devil uniform? Well, it means different things to different people, but it’s just as special for all of them.

A sampling of comments from current Blue Devils demonstrates the pride felt by those who suit up and play on one of Huntington’s 34 varsity teams.

“For me, it has meant so much to be part of great track and cross country programs and represent the Blue Devils here at Huntington,” Ethan Goleski said. “I always loved the competition in both sports throughout my middle school and high school career and always strived to do my best for the Blue Devils and to provide in numerous ways for my teams, so we can strive together as a group.”

In 1910, students met with Superintendent/Principal Robert K. Toaz and secured his permission to form what they called the Athletic Association. The group was governed by the students themselves, who raised monies for equipment and supplies, uniforms, travel and coaching. Memberships in the Athletic Association were sold along with tickets to games. Dances were held. Athletic Association members received discounted admission to games and free tickets to periodic dances. Mr. Toaz retained veto authority over the Athletic Association’s actions.

“The Huntington golf program has always had a great tradition of talented players so it’s been an honor to wear the Blue Devil golf logo on and off the course,” Declan Kehoe said. “Coach [Michael] Marinello and Coach [Robert] Colvin are both great ambassadors of golf and their passion drives the entire team to work hard and focus on our own games. I would not have improved so much over my time at Huntington without them both.”

In the 2023/24 school year, Huntington UFSD offers students an athletic program that includes 34 varsity level teams; 15 JV teams and 24 middle school teams for a total of 73 Blue Devil athletic teams.

“Wearing a Blue Devil uniform has meant a lot to me throughout middle school and into high school simply because I get to represent the town that I call home and demonstrate what we can bring to the table when competing against other communities,” Edwin Marroquin said. “It has truly been an honor.”

The current Blue Devil coaching staff totals 106, including 58 on the varsity level; 18 on the junior varsity level and 30 on the middle school level.

Three sports season senior Jessica Kuom is among those proud to wear the Blue Devil uniform. “It connects the hard work and dedication I put into wanting to represent Huntington’s athletic program along with Huntington’s academics in the most positive way possible over the last six years,” she said.

Those who have played for the Blue Devils have never forgotten their time with their respective teams.

“For me, wearing my Blue Devil uniform gives me a sense of pride and sense of belonging to a community of dedicated and supportive coaches and teammates, which has created a family,” Brooke Parks said. “The Blue Devil uniform is a tangible expression of my commitment to excellence and a source of memories tied to my athletic journey and accomplishments.”