Huntington School Board members have appointed faculty club advisors for four schools (4)
Huntington School Board members have appointed faculty club advisors for four schools

Huntington UFSD Club Program Gets Underway

September 12, 2023

The new school year is only days old, but the after school club program at Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School, Woodhull Intermediate School, J. Taylor Finley Middle School and Huntington High School is stirring and quietly preparing to get underway.

Dozens of clubs are available for students in grades 4-12 to choose from this year. Huntington School Board members have approved faculty advisor appointments and all of the clubs are organizing and getting up and running.

Woodhull Intermediate School club advisors include Stephanie Shea (co-drama club director), Jennifer Szilage (co-drama club director), Vincenza Famiglietti-Caruso (newspaper club), Paula Gasparino (newspaper club), Rosemarie Rivera (podcast club) and Scott Armyn (student government).

At Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School, faculty advisors include Emily Lohse (computer club and student government), Jessica Martino (gardening club), Cristina Anderson (newspaper club) and Heather Barfuss (co-student council).

J. Taylor Finley Middle School faculty advisors include Karen Morea (art club), Jessica Mollica (community club), Ingrid Moreira (community club), Susan Graber (drama club director, show choir), Jessica Sims (drama club assistant director), Amy Hughes (Jr. National Honor Society), Christopher Scarnato (jazz ensemble), Melanie DeMarco (Mathletes-7), Denise Grodzicki (Mathletes-8, Mathcounts), Abigail Simon (Mathcounts), Carmen DiBartolomeo (newspaper club/book club), Mary Brandt (robotics club), Tara Vatske (robotics club), Angela Willshaw (school store, yearbook club), Chrisopher Deveau (stage crew), Nicole Castaldo (strings ensemble), Ketih Miller (student government), Dana Rogan (student government), Franl Battista (ukulele club and wind ensemble) and Jarrad Richter (Yorker club).

At Huntington High School, faculty advisors include Sara Guagliano (Class of 2024, Women’s Empowerment), Luigi Papasidero (Class of 2024, Science Honor Society), Diana Bonilla (Class of 2025), Evelyn Hernandez (Class of 2025), Ivy Alvayero (Class of 2026), Daphne Marcelin (Class of 2026), Erik Bruckbauer (Class of 2027), Peter Crugnale (Class of 2027), Camille Tedeschi (Class of 2027), Aimee Antorino (Dispatch newspaper club, English Honor Society), Kristina Morell (Dispatch newspaper club), Michael Schwendemann (drama club), Deborah Beck (environmental club, Science Honor Society), Debora Balducci (esports club, Social Studies Honor Society, Debate Club), Michael Corcoran (esports club), Dianna Cazzalino (Et-Cetera club), Suzette Biagi (Grandfriends, mock trial, A World of Difference), Erica Murphy-Jessen (Grandfriends, A World of Difference, Interact), Sarah Hall (Gay/Straight Alliance) and Robert Gilmor III (Habitat for Humanity, Natural Helpers).

Huntington High School club advisors also include Jennifer Fazin (Art Honor Society), Kristen Fiorenti (Art Honor Society), Helen Guarino (English Honor Society), Gina Trigian-Molvaut (French Honor Society), Natalia Kopshti (Italian Honor Society), Kristen Fortunato (Latin Honor Society), Nadine Araoz (Spanish Honor Society), Monica Racz (Math Honor Society), Jordan Swierkowski (Math Honor Society), Patricia Avelli (National Honor Society), Tara Rossy (National Honor Society), James DiMeglio (Tri-M Honor Society, chamber orchestra), Paige Furman (internship), Eileen Gonzalez (internship, New World), Gina Colica (Key Club), Kelly Kaiser (Key Club), Keith Mattis (Mathletes), Jacqueline Lazzarini (Mindfulness), Bryan Outsen (mock trial) and Youlanda Carey (Step Team).

Club advisors at Huntington High School also include Omar Santiago (robotics), Kevin Kuhner (robotics), Matthew Liguori (Science Olympiad), Amelia Saggese (Science Olympiad), Lori Kenny (science research), Lauren Desiderio (social issues/National History Day), David Moriarty (student government), Danielle Raguzin (student government), Rosario Lorenzana (United Amigos), Elizabeth Casazza (yearbook), Victoria Garbarino (show choir), Jason Giachetti (jazz ensemble) and Andre Rizzuto (wind ensemble).