Two new clubs are forming at Finley and Woodhull.
Two new clubs are forming at Finley and Woodhull.

New Clubs Coming to Finley & Woodhull

October 2, 2023

Two new clubs are coming to J. Taylor Finley Middle School and Woodhull Intermediate School. Charters for the clubs have been created and they are in the process of being organized.

At Finley, a mock trial club is being added. According to its charter, its purpose is to: Provide students with an opportunity to learn about the American legal system by preparing and enacting a mock court case; encouraging students to develop public speaking skills, deductive and inductive reasoning; sharpen reading comprehension; stimulate interest in governmental studies and increase appreciation for the US judicial system.

The Finley club will seek to provide participating students with a “space to express themselves in their interests outside of school hours.”

Any Finley student will be eligible to join the club. The club will also serve as a pipeline to the high school’s championship mock trial team.

At Woodhull, a STEM club is forming. Its purpose is to “inspire and recognize those students who have shown interest and ability in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; provide opportunities for students to explore STEM careers, topics and challenges through hands-on learning; foster communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills; expand student understanding of STEM topics related to grade level standards and everyday science topics; model the idea of ‘failing forward’ where students learn that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow; bring STEM education to the attention of the school and community.”

Membership in the Woodhull club will be open to any students in grades 4-6 who wants to participate and who is respectful to others and willing to commit to the organization.

The club plans to meet no less than 20 times during the 2023/24 school year.