Ford Spilsbury, Lynn Plunkett, Jan Rose, Nelson Moreno, Omar Santiago, Michael Zavala-Reyes and Victor Chavez-Diaz at Southdown Market
Ford Spilsbury, Lynn Plunkett, Jan Rose, Nelson Moreno, Omar Santiago, Michael Zavala-Reyes and Victor Chavez-Diaz at Southdown Market 

Huntington Robotics & Rotary Club Join Forces

November 21, 2023

The Huntington High School robotics team and the Rotary Club of Huntington proved to be a formidable combination as the two organizations came together to help make Thanksgiving Day dinner possible for dozens of local hungry families.

A heartwarming display of community collaboration saw Team 5016 - Huntington Robotics join forces with the Rotary Club of Huntington at the latter group’s annual food drive at Southdown Market.

The fruitful partnership showcased not only the spirit of teamwork and innovation fostered within the high school’s robotics program, but also the power of young adults to help make a positive difference in society.

The Rotary Club of Huntington, known for its commitment to service and community development, has been organizing an annual food drive for many years to support local Huntington families in need. This year, they found an unexpected, but enthusiastic ally in the form of Team 5016 - Huntington Robotics.

“The collaboration between the Huntington Robotics and the Rotary Club emerges from a shared commitment to community welfare,” said technology teacher Omar Santiago, the robotics team’s faculty advisor. “The team, well-versed in problem-solving and technology, saw an opportunity to apply their skills beyond the realm of robotics and make a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate as the holiday season approaches.”

Tasks were divided efficiently, with the robotics team taking charge of various aspects of the food drive, including organizing collection points, flier distribution and speaking to customers entering the grocery store, explaining the impact that this food drive will have on the community.

The success of this joint venture between Team 5016 - Huntington Robotics and the Rotary Club of Huntington extends far beyond the number of cans collected.

“The Rotary Club of Huntington has been a longtime supporter and sponsor of our team,” Mr. Santiago said. “This joint venture allowed students to grow as individuals because they are learning from the leadership members of the Rotary Club. This gives students the ability to be part of something bigger than themselves and insight of how these events are organized throughout the community.”

The robotics team members were enthusiastic volunteers and they had a collective “good feeling” in doing something good for the less fortunate.

“Huntington Robotics involvement in the Rotary Club of Huntington’s annual food drive serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration between educational institutions and community organizations,” Mr. Santiago said. “By combining their efforts, this event was a huge success as multiple cars filled with groceries were delivered to many of the local food pantries.”

The spirit of giving, fostered through this partnership, is set to leave a lasting impact on both the high school students involved and the community they served.