AltCapThe Huntington students outdoors on the corporate campus tion
The Huntington students outdoors on the corporate campus 

Huntington High School Students Visit Arizona Beverages

November 13, 2023

A visit to the home base of Arizona Beverages USA in Woodbury was a fascinating experience for dozens of Huntington High School students, who were accompanied by teachers Omar Santiago and Paige Furman.

Arizona offers customers a very popular beverage line.

Arizona (stylized as AriZona) is well known for its large can iced tea, which comes in many flavors and competes with Snapple. The field trip provided the Huntington teenagers with a unique opportunity to gain insights into the beverage industry, production processes and business operations while enjoying a refreshing and informative day.

Among the trip’s many highlights was an “Introduction to Arizona Ice Tea” tour that kicked off with a presentation that introduced students to the history, mission and values of the 32 year old company.

“Students learned about the company’s commitment to producing high-quality, natural and great-tasting beverages,” Mrs. Furman said. “Students were also able to try all different types of drinks that the company offers. They were also able to see products that have not hit the market just yet.”

The Huntington group also participated in a production facility tour, where students saw live demonstrations of Haas milling machines. Small aluminum samples were distributed to the guests. A separate demonstration of the on-site laser engraver/cutter on site students how ideas started from software are then sent to a machine to begin the process of creating the physical product.

Another presentation focused on a display of the processes used to create the actual cans in AriZona’s New Jersey production plant. “The students were given video demonstrations of the entire beverage manufacturing process from start to finish,” Mr. Santiago said. “This hands-on experience allowed them to see the machines, bottling samples and how automation and robotics are used for quality control. Students also learned about the company’s sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly practices, emphasizing the importance of responsible production and environmental consciousness in the modern business world.”

The Huntington students also enjoyed a complimentary lunch whipped up by AriZona’s chefs, including unlimited access to the company’s beverage line. While this was in the works, an interactive Q & A session with company representatives provided an opportunity for students to ask questions about the production process, career opportunities and the business side of the beverage industry.

“The field trip to Arizona Beverages USA was not only a fun and engaging experience for the high school students, but also a valuable educational opportunity,” Mrs. Furman said. “The key takeaways from the trip included an understanding of the production processes involved in creating popular beverages; awareness of the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the corporate world; insights into career opportunities within the beverage industry, including production, marketing and product development and an appreciation for the value of product quality and taste.”

The field trip provided the Huntington students with a unique blend of education and enjoyment, leaving them with a memorable experience as they continue their academic journey and consider potential career paths along the way.