Washington second and third graders are enjoyed a #D design challenge
Washington second and third graders are enjoyed a #D design challenge 

Washington Students Take Up 3D Design Challenge

March 15, 2023

Washington Primary School second and third grade students are gearing up for St. Patrick’s day with a 3D design challenge! Teacher Rebecca Kraus’ media arts and technology students were able to learn how to create and manipulate objects using Tinkercad.

After learning the technical application, students used their knowledge of leprechauns and their imagination to devise tricky traps on a three dimensional plane.

“In technology class, students learned that 3D design is not only fun, but can build skills in many areas that can prepare them for a multitude of careers,” Washington Principal Michelle Richards said. “Considered by experts to be the next phase of the industrial revolution, skills in 3D design can be found in medical, engineering, textiles, even culinary professions.”

Students will also be challenged to use 3D design to find a real world solution to an everyday problem in upcoming lessons. “This will be an applicable 21st century skill that students will utilize as 3D printers become more advanced and integrated in our society,” Dr. Richards said.

The goal is for Washington Primary School’s students to be equipped with a working knowledge of grade level appropriate computer science skills. “Hands-on interactive approaches to instruction creates multiple pathways to accessing complex skills for our students,” Dr. Richards said.

Tinkercad is a free CAD (computer aided design) software that is accessible through Clever and can be located at www.tinkercad.com