Huntington senior Ismael Blaise.
Huntington senior Ismael Blaise.

Senior Ismael Blaise Makes Plan for a Happy Life

january 10, 2023

Ismael Blaise is a happy Huntington High School senior. He has a great sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. He plans to serve in the United States Armed Forces upon his graduation in June.

“Since I came here to the U.S., Ms. [Eileen] Gonzalez, a Huntington High School Spanish teacher has always been a support and guide to me throughout my journey of adapting to the new culture and learning an utterly new language,” Mr. Blaise said.

The teenager works hard and has earned solid grades. “As soon as I graduate high school, I will be starting US Marine Corps recruit training to become a United States Marine,” Mr. Blaise said. “I plan to serve full-time for a few years before I go to law school and become a lawyer or maybe work in cybersecurity.”

Mr. Blaise can be a very funny guy. “I am a shy person at first, but turnout to be quite a fun person to be around,” he said. “I get bored a lot so I engage in a lot of artistically creative activities.”

The senior speaks Creole, French and English and is currently learning Spanish. “I draw almost everywhere I go and always make sure I have my sketchbook with me,” Mr. Blaise said.

The teenager plans to run on the Blue Devil track team in the spring. Mr. Blaise said he will “definitely be performing more group dances” with the high school’s United Amigos club.

“I’m taking physics, journalism, participation in government, French, Spanish, advanced drawing and painting and pre-calculus,” Mr. Blaise said. “I would say the two latter are my favorite classes; they’re honestly really fun when you understand what you’re doing, especially pre-calculus.”

Mr. Blaise navigates his way around the high school with ease. “I’ve made lots of friends really fast in Huntington,” he said. “There is a lot of positivity here. I also like how supportive and funny a lot of the teachers are.”

The teenager attended J. Taylor Finley Middle School for seventh and eighth grade before moving to Washington, DC for the past three years. “I came back this past summer for the last year of high school,” Mr. Blaise said. “It’s really been a fun experience getting reacquainted with my old comrades from J.T. Finley Middle School.”

The senior plans to continue working hard and aiming high. “Ten years from now I hope to live in a really nice place, financially comfortable, realizing my greatest aspirations and making a difference,” Ms. Blaise said.