Huntington senior Idalis La Paz Nunez.
Huntington senior Idalis La Paz Nunez.

Senior Idalis La Paz Nunez is a People Person

February 6, 2023

Unlike many of her classmates, Idalis La Paz Nunez hasn’t been a Huntington UFSD student since kindergarten, but the current senior who transferred into the district in October of her junior year has become a true Blue Devil in every possible way.

Ms. Nunez is a spectacular young woman who earns high grades, contributes to all of her classes and participates in an assortment of after school sports.

“My experience at Huntington High School has been positive,” Ms. Nunez said. “The staff is working hard to keep this a happy and social environment. Of course, there have been many bumps along the road, like problems with scheduling and school structure, however, the atmosphere takes away from these problems. I also find it surprising how involved everyone is in improving the facility for students to enjoy more.”

Ms. Nunez has a lot to say and she isn’t bashful when it comes to sharing her opinions. She knows how to express herself and her words carry meaning. She recently participated on a student panel that shared with district wellness committee members their experiences with Huntington UFSD’s food service program.

The senior has forged bonds with many faculty members. “A teacher I have connected is Mrs. [Kristin] Singer,” Ms. Nunez said. “She’s one of the many teachers in Huntington who has made me feel comfortable in the class, although she hasn’t realized I appreciate her understanding of people’s frustrations, especially in their art. In the classroom, she’s always catching up with everyone and checking up on anyone feeling sad.”

The teenager has also connected with science teacher and track coach Sarah Hall. “She has been a great mentor both on and off the track,” Ms. Nunez said. “She’s one of the few teachers who emphasize how important it is to communicate when not feeling too great. In sports, she tells us how proud she is of how far my teammates and I have come. She is always a figure I can go and talk with when stressed and she’s admirable and unpretentious with everyone. Every interaction genuinely feels like she wants the best for you.”

The senior calls college a “big goal” and Ms. Nunez said it seems like she’s been striving for it forever. “Being a senior and applying for majors and financial aid has made it feel surreal,” she said. “It has always felt like college was the next step after high school. I’m very eager for the college experience and to see what it’s like. As for my major, I have always been interested in health services. Nursing has always been my first choice, but I’m very open to changes.”

Ms. Nunez is a very articulate young woman. “I see myself as very chill; sometimes over extroverted,” she said. “I like to talk to everyone and surround myself with people with similar goals and personalities. As much as I try to participate, I feel like having friends to work with or share the experience with is more of a motivation to try my best.”

The teenager works hard to juggle all the different aspects of her life. “I have been interested in sports and clubs in the past, but find it hard to keep up with academics thanks to the extra work,” Ms. Nunez said. “I am a transferee, so I’ve been having trouble finding what to try out. It’s been challenging in an environment where everyone has known each other and has had prior years of experience with being involved, whether in band or sports. I have always been intimidated and have attempted to reach out and try different things. Last year for sports, I tried out for flag football and lacrosse. This year has been winter track and field. For the upcoming season, I’ve been uncertain about my next move. As for clubs, there isn’t much action.”

Ms. Nunez has a near-full schedule. “I have always been interested in the arts, so taking an art elective was a no-brainer,” she said. “English has never been a strong suit for me, but choosing a classes like Science Fiction Literature and Mystery Literature has been great as it has been intriguing and fun. I also felt like taking a social science and Economics was a good decision because I’ve learned many valuable lessons that will become useful when I think of my career. As for the Advanced Placement classes I’m taking, they have been challenging me, continuously testing my learning and understanding of these subjects. Academically it’s been hectic and a total eye-opener to how much I still have left to learn.”

Ms. Nunez had traveled out of state and even out of the country during school year and summer vacations. “It has either been to visit family and friends or to have a fun experience,” she said. “I’ve been to Pennsylvania and Washington DC. I’ve also traveled to the Dominican Republic to visit family.”

In less than five months, Ms. Nunez will join the fold as one of Huntington High School’s thousands of alums.

“In 10 years, I hope to be working in my desired field,” Ms. Nunez said. “Along with working, I also see myself traveling and living independently. At that time, I’d be amid self-actualization, finding more about my life goals, participating in many events and figuring out new habits.”