Huntington High School senior Leah Sheran.
Huntington High School senior Leah Sheran.

Leah Sheran in Midst of Magnificent Huntington Run

September 30, 2022

In the midst of a magnificent four year run, Leah Sheran is one of the most exceptionally talented members of Huntington High School’s Class of 2023. The senior has aced all of her classes and been among those student leaders responsible for so many popular events around the building.

Ms. Sheran wastes little time on any given day. She is positive thinking and creative and she’s surrounded by a cast of loyal friends. Her kind personality and considerate nature have earned her much affection from classmates and teachers, who also respect her intellect and appreciate her daily presence in their rooms.

“This summer I worked as a camp counselor at a local beach camp,” Ms. Sheran said. “It was so fun getting to experience all of the different activities we offered. I have gone to camp almost every summer since I was two years old, so being involved in this community from a counselor’s perspective was awesome.”

Ms. Sheran perfectly defines the phrase “people person.” She is personable, caring and a great listener. The teenager is always ready to help someone in need. Her personal code of ethics is beyond reproach and the way she conducts herself around the high school and in the community makes her family and friends proud.

“I am looking forward to all of my classes this year, but am especially excited for Advanced Placement Microeconomics with Mr. [James] Graber, AP English Literature and Composition with Mrs. [Kelly] Quintero and AP Statistics with Mrs. [Lynn] Hendricks,” Ms. Sheran said. “I believe all of these classes will help prepare me for college next year and any career path I choose.”

The senior is also taking classes in calculus and physics. She has always excelled academically and this year is no different as she strives to complete her time in Huntington on a high note.

“I am very happy to be working alongside Mrs. [Lori] Kenny as her intern for her ninth grade Living Environment classes,” said Ms. Sheran about one of Huntington’s veteran science teachers. “This class has stuck with me throughout high school as one of my favorite courses, so I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to observe and aid Mrs. Kenny in her teaching.”

High school has been a huge learning experience for me... Each year I meet new people that teach me valuable lessons.

Leah SheranHuntington Senior

When there is work to be done, Ms. Sheran is the first to volunteer and roll up her sleeves. She has a strong work ethic and a happy-go-lucky disposition. Her sense of humor is enjoyed by her friends.

“I am involved in various clubs, but the one that consumes most of my time is student government,” Ms. Sheran said. “I am the vice president of the Class of 2023 and have held other officer positions in the prior three years. We are currently planning fundraisers, homecoming and our most important event, prom. We have a lot of new and exciting ideas for the senior class and student body and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to participate.”

Ms. Sheran uses every day and every experience to learn from and grow. She’s always searching for ways to better herself, but if you ask her classmates, friends and teachers, she’s already a spectacular young woman.

“High school has been a huge learning experience for me,” Ms. Sheran said. “Each year I meet new people that teach me valuable lessons. Attending Huntington High School has allowed me to grow academically by offering so many courses and clubs that fit my interests and I have made great friends along the way.”

The teenager is savoring each day as her time at Huntington High School grows shorter. Ms. Sheran is looking forward to all of the special events for seniors that typically form the highlight of any given year. She’s also spending time contemplating her future.

“My first choice of college is the University of Michigan,” Ms. Sheran said. “I was lucky to be able to visit the school last fall loved everything about it. Michigan is the right place for me to start the next chapter of my life.”