Jill Panos (No. 8) in action for the Blue Devils. (Darin Reed photo (1)
Jill Panos (No. 8) in action for the Blue Devils. (Darin Reed photo)

Senior Jillian Panos Eyes Career in Nursing

December 7, 2022

Jillian Panos is the complete package. She’s an upbeat, kind and considerate teenager who is an intellectually sharp and altogether happy Huntington High School senior.

Ms. Panos cares about others; she cares about them very much. That’s why her career choice appears to be a perfect match for her interests.

Huntington High School Jillian Panos.

“College is something I’m both excited and nervous about,” Ms. Panos said. “I’m especially excited to see where I am going to attend. After long consideration between a nursing or physical therapy major, I decided on majoring in nursing as I have always looked up to my mom who is a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurse herself. Although I am 100 percent set on the path of nursing, I am not positive on which type of field nurse I aspire to be, but that will come as I go through my coursework in college.”

Ms. Panos is well-liked by everyone around the high school and Huntington UFSD. She’s a sincere and loyal young woman who likes to help whoever needs it at any given time.

“Luckily, during my time here at Huntington I have enjoyed all of my teachers and I am very grateful for everything they have all done for me thus far,” Ms. Panos said. “To name a few that especially stand out to me, Mrs. [Patricia] Avelli was always so supportive and caring; Mr. [Peter] Crugnale has an amazing personality and made learning fun for all three years I had him and Mrs. [Deborah] Beck was an exceptional teacher who I learned so much from.”

The highly regarded young woman is enjoying her senior year. “So far it’s been very busy, consisting of several different college applications and the whole application process in general, but I have made sure to involve myself in many different activities,” Ms. Panos said.

The teenager is co-president of the Natural Helpers club, which trains its members to assist their classmates who are working through challenging personal and family issues. “I am so excited to participate in such an amazing club,” Ms. Panos said.

A member of the Blue Devil varsity girls’ soccer team, Mr. Panos participates in multiple academic honor societies along with the high school’s Habitat for Humanity chapter. She somehow finds the time to hold down a part-time job.

The senior is taking classes in Advanced Placement Environmental Science, AP US Government and Politics with Economics, AP Statistics, Spanish V Honors, Physics and Film & Short Story. “While they are all challenging courses and I have been enjoying all of them, I particularly enjoy AP Statistics and Physics most,” Ms. Panos said. “I find both very interesting and I am always excited to learn more.”

Like anyone, Ms. Panos cherishes her downtime, yet she always finds a way to use it to her advantage and grow by it.

“Last summer, I enjoyed the break from school by surrounding myself with friends and family,” Ms. Panos said. “When I wasn’t with them I was most likely working, aiming to save up for college. During my free time, I took trips to tour several colleges, hoping to get a feel for where I wanted to apply this fall.”

The senior has given her future a considerable amount of thought and when asked where she sees herself in a decade, she had a good answer. “While a lot can happen over the course of 10 years, as of right now I hope to be fully graduated with a potential advanced degree working in a well-respected hospital,” Ms. Panos said.

With graduation still more than six months away, Ms. Panos continues to enjoy life at the high school. There are many special events planned between now and late June and they are sure to help create lasting memories.

“To say I’m lucky for my experience at Huntington High School is an understatement,” Ms. Panos said. “Over the past four years, Huntington has given me so much and I’ve made so many amazing memories that I’m so excited to carry with me to college and beyond. Between making best friends, making special bonds with teachers, experiencing being a part of an amazing sports team and attending school events and games, I truly couldn’t have asked for anything better.”