Blue Devil field hockey star Erin Scanlon (2)
Blue Devil field hockey star Erin Scanlon

Senior Erin Scanlon is a Proud Blue Devil

December 6, 2022

Relationships are important to Erin Scanlon. The Huntington High School senior is a people person. She enjoys working alongside her teachers, coaches, classmates and teammates and the results are impressive.

Huntington High School senior Erin Scanlon.

The teenager compiled a near perfect weighted academic average in the first marking period while taking many challenging courses and simultaneously helping to lead the Blue Devil varsity field hockey team to its finest season ever.

The senior is very well-liked by everyone. Ms. Scanlon has a good sense of who she is; what she likes and generally, what makes her tick.

“When you first meet me I seem quiet, but once you get to know me I am outgoing and love to make people laugh,” Ms. Scanlon said. “I love having fun with my friends and making people feel good about themselves.”

A loyal and trustworthy friend, Ms. Scanlon is a hardworking and passionate person. “I enjoy cooking, exercising and spending time with my family,” she said.

Ms. Scanlon’s college plans have yet to be finalized, but she has an interest in pursuing a degree in business management in preparation for opening her own eatery one day.

The senior has used her time in Huntington to develop many productive relationships. “During eighth grade, I played JV basketball and met Coach [Shea] Scully,” Ms. Scanlon said. “Then she was my coach the next season for JV lacrosse. During this time, we built a connection. She always pushed me to do better. When she became a teacher at the high school I was thrilled. This year, she is my gym teacher and she never fails to brighten my day.

Ms. Scanlon will never forget starring on the Blue Devil field hockey team, which won 27 games over the past two years and reached the Suffolk Final Four.

“Both of my field hockey coaches, Coach [Kathleen] Wright and Coach [Allison] Conlon have made a difference in my life,” Ms. Scanlon said. “I have gained such pride and joy being a part of their team. They allowed me to grow as a teammate and leader on the field by always being uplifting and positive. They have also encouraged me to get involved in the community. Coach Wright and Coach Conlon have shown me what Huntington truly stands for.”

Ms. Scanlon was a field hockey team captain and her leadership made a difference with her teammates. “We had an amazing season and made it to the [county] semifinals,” she said.

Vice president of Huntington High School’s Math Honor Society chapter, Ms. Scanlon is also a member of the National Honor Society. The teenager is taking classes in Advanced Placement Calculus, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Psychology, Spanish V Honors, Physics and Participation in Government.

“I think psychology is very interesting and love learning about the human brain and why we do the things we do,” Ms. Scanlon said. “This year I was unable to fit art into my schedule, however taking Drawing and Painting with Mrs. [Kristin] Singer over the years has been amazing. I love to draw and express myself through art. I enjoy the classes I am taking this year because they are challenging and pushing me to become a better student.”

The senior is determined to make the last six months of high school a happy and memorable time in her life.

“I have been enjoying my experience at Huntington High School,” Ms. Scanlon said. “Over the years, I have built strong friendships and created many memories through participating in sports, clubs and non-school activities. I am proud to be a member of the Blue Devil family. I continue to strengthen the friendships I have and plan to make new ones along the way. I am excited to have a great senior year and create many more memories.”

While she has kept very busy at the high school, Ms. Scanlon has still had time to broaden her horizons.

“Last spring, my family traveled to California,” Ms. Scanlon said. “We arrived in San Francisco, riding the trolley through the city and drove down the coast exploring the beautiful views of Carmel before arriving at my cousin’s house in Los Angeles. From there we drove and went to Coachella. I am grateful for this trip. It is one I will never forget and it reminded me how beautiful the world is and that there is so much more to see. I hope to travel more in the future, specifically to Greece and Africa one day.”

The teenager spent last summer working as a lifeguard and camp counselor at a local beach. She also played in a summer field hockey league, preparing for what turned out to be a historic season.

“In 10 years I plan to be happy, living near a beach and running a successful business,” Ms. Scanlon said.