Huntington senior Victoria Befumo is in the midst of a photography internship with Darin Reed.
Huntington senior Victoria Befumo is in the midst of a photography internship with Darin Reed.

Victoria Befumo Grows Through Photo Internship

December 1, 2022

Victoria Befumo hopes to one day be installed as a magazine’s creative director. It’s a lofty goal, but the Huntington High School senior is willing to work hard to realize it. This year she’s engaged in a credit bearing internship with well-known local professional photographer Darin Reed in an effort to grow her skill set.

“I’ve always loved photography, even when all I knew was cell phone photography,” Ms. Befumo said. “Learning alongside Mrs. [Pamela] Piffard has been truly the best experience at Huntington High School as I’ve been able to expand my knowledge and gain skills I never thought would be possible.” (Pam Piffard leads the high school’s photograph program.)

Ms. Befumo’s credit bearing internship with Mr. Reed has been going well. She’s shot photographs for a variety of assignments, both indoors and outdoors, including stills, portraits and action.

“As my love for photography grew, I knew I wanted to intern for someone who could help me grow my skills,” Ms. Befumo said. “Without having a free period in my schedule, fitting in an outside of school internship was perfect for me. Working with Darin Reed has been a life changing experience. He has taught me so much about myself and using my camera in different ways. I have been able to see the world from a new perspective with the help of Mr. Reed and my photography skills have surpassed what I ever thought they could be.”

Besides taking the remaining courses required for graduation, Ms. Befumo is enrolled in several of personal interest with some of her faculty favorites.

“This year I am taking Advanced Placement Studio Art 2-D with Mrs. Piffard,” the teenager said. “It requires students to demonstrate a depth of investigation and process of discovery through a body of 12 pieces of art that share a single theme. My theme is ‘superstitions.’ Additionally, I am taking AP Research with Ms. [Kristina] Morell and Drawing and Painting with Mrs. [Kristin] Singer.

President of Natural Helpers and vice president of Habitat for Humanity, Ms. Befumo plans to play on the first Blue Devil varsity girls’ golf team next spring. She circulated a petition asking for the district to create the new team, which school officials did.

“I especially like to shoot sports events,” Ms. Befumo said. “I am excited for the upcoming basketball season, because I will be able to shoot photos at a lot of games.

Ms. Befumo is an assertive young woman who is well-liked by teachers and classmates. “I am very grateful for my friends and the staff, who I have made connections with at the high school over the last four years,” she said. “I am thankful for Mr. [Robert] Gilmor, who has always been there for me since ninth grade and who has watched me grow as a person throughout high school.”

A personable and sincere young woman, Ms. Befumo is easy to get along with. She’s always striving for self-improvement and she displays a caring attitude toward others. She always keeps her ultimate goal in mind.

“My dream career is to be a creative director at a magazine,” Ms. Befumo said. “I want to be able to give my insights on the layout and graphic design of the magazine.”