Huntington High School senior Dominick Vidota.
Huntington High School senior Dominick Vidota.

Senior Dominick Vidota Digs into Science Research

October 25, 2022

Dominick Vidota is the inquisitive type. The Huntington High School senior likes to know how things work and he is especially interested in science and research in general.

Mr. Vidota is one of Huntington’s academic stars. He’s ambitious and hardworking and he likes to challenge himself. He’s enrolled in Advanced Placement Chemistry, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Psychology, Science Research Honors, Pre-Calculus Honors, Media Art and African American & Latino Politics.

The teenager is currently working with close friend and research partner Peter Gaal on a science project titled, “The Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Function in Adolescents.”

“I’m excited to do an experiment in the field of psychology,” Mr. Vidota said. The senior’s aspirations are impressive. He plans to study for a career as a clinical psychiatrist, but his interests extend to the military. He hopes to become a US Air Force para-rescue specialist.

Despite his rigorous course load, Mr. Vidota is once again excelling in his classes. He is slated to be inducted into Huntington’s Science Honor Society chapter next month.

Mr. Vidota likes to lead a well-balanced life. He’s a Blue Devil varsity football team captain and also a varsity fencing team letter recipient.

Well-liked around the high school and highly regarded by his teachers, Mr. Vidota is enjoying the opening months of his senior year. He was injured early in the football season, but he’s back on the field now and contributing to the Blue Devils.

In the science research room lab, Mr. Vidota is working daily on his project with Mr. Gaal. The two are hopeful their research will garner awards next spring.