Tessie Maerz is one of Suffolk's best field hockey players. (Darin Reed photo)
Tessie Maerz is one of Suffolk's best field hockey players. (Darin Reed photo)

Tessie Maerz Enjoys Amazing Huntington Experience

November 1, 2022

No one is better in the clutch than Tessie Maerz. The Huntington High School senior has a way of turning everything she touches to gold. She’s a great student and one of the finest Blue Devil athletes. Most recently she helped the varsity field hockey team win a school record 14 games and reach the Suffolk Final Four.

The teenager started playing field hockey as a J. Taylor Finley Middle School seventh grader. “I fell in love with the sport instantly,” Ms. Maerz said. “My whole family has played hockey for as long as I can remember and I wanted to be like my brothers and play hockey, too, so I picked up field hockey. I was not interested in soccer or tennis so I thought field hockey would also be a good option and it was the best thing I ever did.”

Huntington senior Tessie Maerz.

The senior’s six goals and nine assists put her among Suffolk’s Top 25 point leaders. Ms. Maerz is an all-star by any standard. She is a determined and downright tenacious competitor, who gives her teammates and coaches everything she has whenever she steps onto the field.

“I always liked playing offense and getting the ball up the field, but I also liked defense,” Ms. Maerz said. “I started playing midfield my freshman year on varsity. The coaches thought it was a good fit for me since I can play offense and then sprint in to get back on defense. I ended up really liking the position for the offensive side and getting the ball up there and helping to score, but I also like how I can play more on defense and that is fine, too. Midfield is what really gets the ball moving and can help the ball go to where it needs to be and I really enjoy being a part of that.”

The teenager is clearly one of the best in Suffolk at her midfield position. It’s a role on the field that suits Ms. Maerz exquisitely well.

“The mindset you need to have is to just run and run and run,” Ms. Maerz said. “Midfield is all about running, whether you have a fast break and need to run as fast as you can to get the ball up there or sprint back in for defense. You also have to ask yourself what you need to work on to improve your skill and game. You also have to realize that this is a team sport and you can’t do it by yourself so you need to communicate with your teammates and get the ball moving around to score. And to have fun because this is a very fun and happy sport.”

While the senior has not finalized her college plans she is interested in James Madison University, University of Maryland and the University of Connecticut. She intends to study medicine and wants to pursue a career as a physician assistant, ultimately working in a hospital.

“My experience at Huntington has been amazing,” Ms. Maerz said. “I have made so many countless memories that I will never forget whether it be the pep rallies, bonfires, sports games, parades and so much more. Even though two of the years were not normal due to COVID-19, this school has had such an impact on me and has given me friendships I know will last a lifetime. There is truly nothing like it anywhere else.”