Huntington High School sophomore Elizabeth James.

Elizabeth James Enjoys Classes, Clubs & Sports

Huntington High School sophomore Elizabeth James.

September 22, 2022

Elizabeth James is in demand by everyone who has spotted her exceptional talents. The Huntington High School sophomore is an integral member of a variety of Blue Devil teams and clubs as well as being an elected student government officer. She’s already formulating plans for the future.

“I had a very busy summer,” Ms. James said. “I have been preparing to return to gymnastics. It’s a very intense sport so I had to do some training on my own beforehand. I took some personal time to relax and unwind after a year that was not only hectic, but that involved so many changes. I celebrated my 15th birthday this summer as well as went on vacation with my family and my best friend Reese Rinaldi.”

The sophomore said she is “really looking forward” to her English 10 Honors and Chemistry 10 Honors classes. “Not only do I love the teachers and their teaching styles, I’m very interested in what the courses have to offer,” Ms. James said. “The teachers make what could be a potentially tedious course extremely fun. Next year I’m looking forward to taking AP Lit!”

The teenager’s current year class schedule also includes Italian III, Regents Geometry, AP World History and Concert Choir.

Ms. James is participating in Huntington’s new girls’ gymnastics initiative. The Blue Devils have been invited by neighboring Harborfields to combine with its longstanding team. Practices and meets are held at Harborfields.

“I’m excited to work with my new gymnastics coaches, Coach [Jacqueline] Lazzarini and Coach [Matt] Canty,” Ms. James said. “After only trying one sport in high school. I’m so glad I get to diversify my athletic experiences. The girls on the team are very kind and inclusive and I look forward to practice every day. I’ve had a fantastic time with the coaches and team so far and I foresee this season being a successful and exciting time for me.”

The teenager has been involved in the high school’s county championship mock trial team as well as its new varsity gymnastics team and the winter and spring track and field teams.

Ms. James is an All-State track star with immense talent and potential. She has been able to go toe-to-toe with the best in the state and she’s widely considered to be among the finest high school athletes in the state.

“I can’t wait to start my second year with the mock trial program,” Ms. James said. “Last season we were country champions and placed second in New York state out of 350 plus teams! I’m a little nervous now that we are down some very strong seniors, but I have no doubt that we can have an extremely successful season with our new and returning members. Hopefully, I can be an attorney this year, but I’m on the fence because I truly enjoyed being the defendant last year.”

The teenager, like her brothers and sister, got her start in Huntington UFSD at Washington Primary School.

“So far, I’ve had a very enriching experience at Huntington High School,” Ms. James said. “I’ve met some of my closest friends  as well as teachers that have helped me greatly. One of the teachers that has really helped me is Mrs. [Lori] Kenny. She was my Living Environment teacher in ninth grade and always listened and encouraged me to do my very best. I like to carry her words of encouragement with me.”

Articulate, mature, thoughtful and altogether engaging, it’s easy to mistake the sophomore for a senior or even a college student. She is poised and speaks in measured tones.

“I’m the vice president of Class of 2025 and it’s incredibly fun and rewarding,” Ms. James said. “I love having the opportunity to have a voice and also having the ability to help others voice their opinions. One of my favorite things about student government is homecoming and float night. Although the building of the floats and planning of activities can be stressful, the outcome is always worth it.”

Although she is only a sophomore, Ms. James is already sketching out tentative plans for the future. While everything is subject to change, she is well on her to developing and discerning her college and career interests.

“Although it may seem early, I love to plan ahead,” Ms. James said. “I’m very interested in law and would love to study something along those lines. I would like to stay relatively close to home and I think a lot of schools on the east coast provide just what I’m looking for. I’m very interested in St. John’s university. They have a very prestigious criminal justice program that I can see myself enjoying in the future.”