Washington students are expaning their reading horizons this month.

Washington Celebrates Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

Washington students are expaning their reading horizons this month.

September 19, 2022

In Huntington UFSD every student counts in Huntington UFSD. Every one of them important and they’re all cherished by their teachers, classmates, coaches and advisors. There’s no doubt that’s the case at Washington Primary School, where more than 360 students spread across kindergarten through third grade are doing their very best each day.

The Washington community celebrates all cultures and the school certainly qualifies as a melting pot. National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15 and “we highlight the contributions made to the world by persons of Hispanic/Latinx heritage,” Principal Michelle Richards said.

Washington kicked off the special month with a virtual assembly. Students, faculty and support staff viewed a video explaining the history and importance of celebrating the contributions made by people of Hispanic/Latinx heritage.

“We ended with the assembly with a music video highlighting Diego Rivera, Carlos Santana, Shakira, Celia Cruz, Frieda Khalo and many more trailblazers,” Dr. Richards said. “It is important for all of our students to see themselves in our school.”

The goal at Washington is to incorporate student interests and cultures into all learning experiences.

“Here at Washington we embrace and celebrate the many different cultures represented by our students, faculty and staff,” Dr. Richards said. “The library has a cultural display with books about Spanish speaking countries and people and characters of Hispanic/Latinx heritage.”

The current Principal’s Book of the Month is “Isabel and Her Colores Go to School,” by Alexandra Alessandri. “Every week we will celebrate Hispanic/Latinx heritage through music and video presentations during our virtual announcements,” Dr. Richards said.