Superintendent Jim Polansky with Assistant Superintendent Christopher Hender (2)

Trustees Appoint Chris Hender Assistant Superintendent

Superintendent Jim Polansky with Assistant Superintendent Christopher Hender 

September 15, 2022

The Huntington School Board elevated longtime district faculty member and administrator Christopher Hender to the position of assistant superintendent for human resources and general administration during a public meeting of trustees on Monday night.

“I am beyond pleased to welcome Mr. Hender into the Superintendent’s Cabinet on both the professional and personal levels,” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “His intelligence and work ethic have been extraordinary. His commitment to the Huntington School District community has been unparalleled throughout his career. He cares deeply about the children of Huntington and his colleagues. It is a promotion that is clearly well earned.”

Mr. Hender had been serving as the district’s human resources administrator since August 2017. He obtained undergraduate (child study with a concentration in speech) and graduate (literacy) degrees at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue in 2008 and 2012, respectively. He earned an advanced graduate certificate in educational leadership at Stony Brook University in August 2017.

“I am so happy to continue to work in such a supportive and wonderful district,” Mr. Hender said. “I knew from the moment I began my student observing in Huntington that this was the only place I ever wanted to be. I completed my student teaching in Huntington, was a per diem sub,  a special education teacher and administrator. In every role I have been in, this district and community has been nothing but the best. This is my home.”  

A member of Huntington’s faculty corps since February 2008, Mr. Hender served as a fifth grade inclusion teacher at Woodhull Intermediate School. He also worked with third graders in the district’s special education summer program for many years.

“On behalf of principals and directors, I would like to congratulate Mr. Hender on his appointment as the new assistant superintendent for human resources and general administration,” said Woodhull Intermediate School Principal Scott Oshrin, who serves as president of DSPA, the professional organization of building and department leaders. “Mr. Hender is a tremendous asset to our schools and community. He goes above and beyond to support all district staff. We are lucky to have his leadership here in Huntington.”

While a teacher at Woodhull School, Mr. Hender helped lead the planning and coordination of fifth grade educational field trips, served as faculty advisor for the newspaper club and organized community service projects for the student council.

Woodhull School’s central treasurer for seven years, Mr. Hender managed the building’s extracurricular accounts, including the drafting and approval of all checks drawn and the depositing of all monies generated through fundraising activities.

During his teaching career in the district, Mr. Hender received grants from the Huntington Foundation and the Special Education PTA. He earned SEPTA’s Distinguished Service Award in 2016. He was a New York State United Teachers delegate for four years. He was recognized by graduating high school seniors as a Distinguished Teacher.