Huntington sophomore Emily Kustera.

Sophomore Emily Kustera Displays Creative Streak

Huntington sophomore Emily Kustera.

September 8 , 2022

Emily Kustera is an exceptionally creative young woman. The Huntington High School sophomore is into singing, acting and sports and she’s already won awards and reached the nationwide final round of the National History Day contest.

An energetic and good-natured teenager, Ms. Kustera sees every day as a new opportunity to grow and enjoy life. She’s articulate, quick witted and kind. It’s easy to understand why her friendship is valued by so many classmates.

As she walked through the front doors of Huntington High School on Tuesday for the first day of the new school year, Ms. Kustera displayed the optimism of someone who always sees the glass as full.

“This summer I traveled with my family quite a bit and I attended Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts and its musical theater program,” Ms. Kustera said. “I’m really looking forward to taking Forensic Science and Creative Writing. I’m hoping these classes will allow me to explore areas of interest and possibly a college major.”

Ms. Kustera gets along well with her teachers, who respect the teenager and enjoy their interactions with her. “I’ve been lucky enough to take Latin with Mrs. [Kristin] Fortunato since sixth grade and am so excited to be in her class again this year,” the sophomore said. “Being in her class is always fun and interesting. It is also my first year in chamber choir and I’m so thankful to have Ms. [Victoria] Garbarino as my teacher. She has such great activities planned for us such as singing at Radio City Music Hall.”

Ms. Kustera plans to get involved in the high school’s drama club and Grandfriends club and once again participate in the National History Day initiative. She also intends to try-out for the Blue Devils’ new varsity girls’ golf team.

“Last year I had the pleasure of being a part of the drama club’s production of “42nd Street,” which allowed me to meet a number of talented people and great friends,” Ms. Kustera said. “I was honored that my National History Day project advanced to the nationals. I really enjoyed researching my topic as it related to my love of music.”

Since she’s only beginning her sophomore year, Ms. Kustera doesn’t have any specific colleges in mind just yet, but she plans on visiting Cornell University, Fordham University and New York University, “to name a few,” she said. “I’m starting to explore what I might want to major in such as music production, writing and other creative paths.”