A new anatomy and physiology course will be offered at Huntington High School next year

New Anatomy & Physiology Course Approved

A new anatomy and physiology course will be offered at Huntington High School next year 

November 17 , 2022

Huntington School Board members have given their approval for a new Anatomy & Physiology course at Huntington High School. It will be offered for the first time during the 2023/24 school year and will replace the existing Allied Health course.

The new full year, one credit class is expected to draw an enrollment of about 25 students spread across grades 10-12. The new course proposal was approved by the district’s Subject Matter Council on November 1 and the Educational Development Committee on November 2 prior to trustees giving their approval during a public meeting this past Monday night.

The course will focus on a broad spectrum of health sciences. “The human anatomy and physiology curriculum is designed to continue student investigations that began in grades K-8 and the high school Living Environment course,” states the new course proposal. “It is extensively performance and laboratory-based. It will integrate the study of the structures and functions of the human body; however, rather than focusing on distinct anatomical and physiological systems (respiratory, nervous, etc.), instruction will focus on the essential requirements for life.”

Areas of study will include organization of the body; protection, support, and movement; providing internal coordination and regulation; processing and transporting; and reproduction, growth, and development.

“Chemistry will be integrated throughout anatomy components and not necessarily taught as a stand-alone unit,” according to the new course proposal. “Case studies concerning diseases, disorders, and ailments (i.e., real-life applications) will be emphasized. Students who are interested in careers in medicine, nursing, athletic training, sports medicine, emergency medical technician/paramedics and physical therapy are encouraged to enroll in this course.”

Trustees were told that the Allied Health class is being phased out because it was focused only on possible careers in nursing and hospital-based fields in applying anatomy and physiology principles.

The new course “will acquaint students with a broader spectrum of potential careers, focusing on content related to physical therapy, nutrition, personal training, sports medicine, EMT and mental health professions,” states the new course proposal. The health care field is increasingly specialized and students require a sufficient base to support their future health science endeavors. This course will allow for an in-depth analysis of the human body and provide connections to the health sciences fields.”

Trustees were told the new class “will provide students with real world experience using case studies, which calls for use of critical thinking skills, and discussions with people who are involved in the profession.”