Huntington UFSD trustees approved a new fashion marketing course.

Trustees Approve New Fashion Marketing Class

Huntington UFSD trustees approved a new fashion marketing course.

November 15 , 2022

A new half-year fashion marketing class is coming to Huntington High School in 2023/24 now that Huntington School Board members have given their approval for the course.

Officials estimate that 20-30 students will ultimately register for the course, which will be open to those in grades 9-12. The district’s Subject Matter Council approved the course on October 12 and Huntington UFSD’s Educational Development Committee signed off on the class on November 2. Trustees considered the proposal last night during a public meeting in the Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School auditorium.

“Students will identify the factors that influence fashion behavior and learn marketing and business principles by studying the fashion merchandising industry,” states the new course proposal presented to trustees. “The life cycle of a fashion product will be followed from the design stage to the point of sale at a retail outlet. Topics include: marketing to retailers, fashion and trade shows, promotion to consumers, developing a brand name, global influences and explaining the development of the fashion image. Possible field trips may include visiting the Fashion Institute of Technology (where students discuss their portfolio with FIT’s admissions counselors) and Macy’s Herald Square for a fashion and merchandising tour.”

The class is aimed at those students with possible career interests in apparel, beauty and accessories marketing.

“Our high school currently offers a sports marketing course, which is a popular among students, but many do not enroll because they are not necessarily interested in the sports industry,” according to the course rationale given to trustees. “There are many students who take fashion design and this course would complement that elective and add a business component to their existing knowledge of fashion. Students will develop general marketing skills necessary for successful employment in fashion marketing, general marketing skills applied to the apparel and accessories industry and specialized skills unique to fashion marketing. Personal selling, sales promotion, purchasing, physical distribution, market planning, product/service technology, as well as academic skills related to the content are part of this course, all of which will contribute to students’ college/career readiness.”

Officials said the class could also possibly help prepare students for STEM related careers that are available, with a particular focus on e-commerce and management.