Finley Voices is in full swing with 25 members

Finley Voices Fill School with Spectacular Sounds

Finley Voices is in full swing with 25 members 

November 14 , 2022

J. Taylor Finley Middle School has many sweet sounding voices. Just close your eyes and listen to these talented seventh and eighth graders sing. They are simply spectacular.

Finley Voices entertains audiences of all ages. It provides an opportunity for students to sing even if they do not have chorus class scheduled. Students are able to build their confidence and socialize with fellow singers.

The club’s charter states the organization provides “an inclusive environment for people who wish to sing in a group.” Prospective members meet briefly with faculty advisor Susan Graber for what can best be described as an “audition.” They are asked to repeat short melodic examples, sing some warm-ups and/or a song of their choice.

Students “who are respectful to others and willing to commit to the club” will be invited to join the organization, “regardless of talent level” according to the club charter.

Finley Voices meets at least once a week early in the morning during the rehearsal period. The club puts on at least one performance during every school year.

“Finley Voices is an enthusiastic group of singers,” Mrs. Graber said. “It is an opportunity for chorus students to sing a larger variety of music as well as a chance for students in band and orchestra to join chorus since that class does not fit in their regular schedule. It is about 25 members strong this year.”

Alexandra Boeckmann is the president of Finley Voices and Piper Davis is the group’s treasurer. Ms. Boeckmann encourages participation of its members, helps Mrs. Graber organize music for the organization and assists the advisor in promoting the ensemble.

Ms. Davis handles the club’s financial affairs, including approval of all payments, manages deposits and maintains the bank register.

“This group was formerly called ‘honors choir,’ but was rebranded last year to be more inclusive for anyone who wants to sing,” Mrs. Graber explained. “It is a club where deep friendships are formed as students meet other kids excited about music and singing. This year’s music will feature a song from ‘The Greatest Showman’ as well as a diverse selection of other choral songs.”

The group plans to perform at a Huntington School Board meeting as well as during the Finley honors concert scheduled for March 9.

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