Huntington High School senior Matthew Lange

Matthew Lange Chooses University of Kentucky

Huntington High School senior Matthew Lange 

May 12, 2022

Matthew Lange never looked back after deciding to attend the University of Kentucky. The Huntington High School senior is confident he made the right choice and he’s looking forward to opening a new chapter of his life there.

“Hearing from many people who had previously made the stressful college decision, the initial feeling when stepping foot on the campus tells you if that is the school for you,” Mr. Lange said. “The unique feeling I had while walking through the beautiful campus of the University of Kentucky led me to know this is my future home. From the amazing architecture of the buildings to the exuberant students, I knew this school was the place for me.”

The teenager said he has long had his eyes fixed on studying finance in college. “Since the beginning of my senior year, I have been taking AP Macro and Micro Economics,” Mr. Lange said. “Brilliantly taught by Mr. [James] Graber, I have gained a great passion for economics. Mr. Graber has motivated me to continue studying economics. So, during the duration of my schooling at the University of Kentucky, I will be majoring in finance and hopefully at least a minor in economics. After my college experience has come to an end, I hope to land a job working for an international bank. I have always enjoyed traveling and seeing other parts of the world and I hope to be able to do this with the work I pursue.”  

Mr. Lange has been a very good student throughout his experience in the district. “I feel Huntington has prepared me for college since the first day of kindergarten in 2010,” he said. “The amazing teachers I have been able to learn from have constantly pushed me to see what I am capable of. As I progressed through Huntington UFSD, the wide variety of classes available allowed me to try many different skills and learn for myself what I enjoy most. With the immense support given to every student by the teachers and all faculty throughout the district, I have been given the guidance to be as ready for college as I could be.”

The Huntington senior will be enrolling in Kentucky’s Global Scholars program. “This competitive program is offered through the Gatton College of Business and Economics and the Lewis Honors College,” Mr. Lange said. “Enrollment for this program means I will be studying in both the honors college and business college. The most important aspect of the program for me will come in my junior year. The Global Scholars program entitles me to study abroad in another country at the expense of the university.”

Mr. Lange will be participating in Kentucky’s “honors pathway.” He’s also interested in playing the university’s club soccer team and rushing a fraternity.

“All throughout high school I have been involved in many clubs and sports,” Mr. Lange said. “All four years I have participated on the soccer team, ending in a phenomenal senior season, reaching the county finals. Since tenth grade I have been a member of both Habitat for Humanity and Key Club. Being a member of these two clubs has given me a great experience I will never forget, specifically, this year being selected for the Target Tour through the Key Club. Target Tour is an annual event run through the Key Club in which selected members go to a local Target and purchase Christmas presents for children within our community of Huntington who may not be as fortunate as others. The genuine joy shown by all the children gave me a sense of thankfulness and happiness I will never forget.”

Over the past two years, Mr. Lange has been invited to join five different academic honor societies. Those scholarly groups along with volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and Key Club and playing soccer for the Blue Devils have been deeply rewarding.

“Being a part of this wide variety of clubs has given me an amazing high school experience,” Mr. Lange said. “Currently, I am an intern for Mrs. [Suzi] Biagi. Working side by side with her has been an extremely enjoyable experience. The high school internship program is definitely something everyone should try.”

Mr. Lange has been busy outside of school, too, always with an eye on helping the community. “My family and I have volunteered every year around Christmas to wrap gifts for the Kiwanis Club and Family Service League to give back,” he said. “On Thanksgiving, we volunteer at the YMCA to pack boxes of donated food and deliver the boxes to families within Huntington who are in need of help. I am currently a volunteer soccer coach at the Huntington YMCA. On a weekly basis I go to the YMCA and coach children from 4-6 years old.”

The teenager has also been able to broaden his horizons by being “extremely fortunate” to visit faraway destinations. “I have traveled to the Netherlands multiple times to visit my dad’s family,” Mr. Lange said. “In the summer of 2017, my family took a trip to Europe. We traveled to the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Seeing all the breathtaking tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris was an unforgettable experience. However, out of everywhere I traveled, my favorite place in the world is here at home in Huntington.” 

It’s a sweet sentiment and entirely true, too. “Huntington is a special place because of the family-like feeling the community gives,” Mr. Lange said. “Unlike any other school, Huntington chants ‘Family on three; Family on three; One, Two, Three, Family,’ before and after all sports games. This one of a kind chant shows all other communities no other comes close to Huntington. Through all the schools I have felt this family-like feeling from the teachers. Giving up personal time to help the students or just being available whenever to talk shows genuine care from all teachers.”

With little more than one month to go before graduation, Mr. Lange is enjoying these last days of high school.

“Without a doubt, being a part of Huntington has been a special experience I will never forget,” Mr. Lange said. “With guidance from special teachers such as Mrs. Biagi, Mrs. [Patricia] Avelli, Senora [Lorena] Hickey, Mrs. [Paige] Tyree and many others, I have grown to become prepared for not only college but life.”