Washington Primary School's April Students of the Month.

Washington Students Claim Coveted April Awards

Washington Primary School's April Students of the Month.

May 11, 2022

The 330-plus students who flood into Washington Primary School every day represent an amazing array of nationalities, cultural traditions, creeds, races and personalities. The youngsters all come together in classrooms, hallways and playgrounds as Americans and proud ones at that.

Washington students love their school. Its alumni remain remarkably affectionate and loyal, too. It’s a special place, filled with special people. Everyone gets along well. Watching the youngsters mix together in the melting pot the school has always been is an awesome sight.

Once a month, teachers select one of their students as the recipient of the coveted Washington Ways Award. These are youngsters who have displayed exceptional effort and performance and have led classmates by their sterling example. Kindness, cooperation and perseverance are some of the qualities the honorees possess in abundant supply.

Principal Dr. Michelle Richards recently used the school’s public address system to announce April’s award winners. The honorees include Hasana Bennett, Elcianna Campos, Genevieve Sperzel, Emery Adonis, Devante Booker, Liam DuPlessis, Emely Jimenez Contreras, Adrianne Morales Hernandez, Luke Navaro, Elder Sanchez, Raquel Kennedy, Charli Brignoli, Josue Escobar Lopez, Ludvin Alvarado Hidalgo, Matthew Alfaro, Diego Bonilla, and Aiden Rivera.

The entire classes of teachers Emily Meyers, Ashley Pimentel and Vivian Joseph were also recognized for their outstanding work and effort throughout April.

“Congratulations to all of these wonderful boys and girls,” Dr. Richards said. “They have made all of us proud. So, too, have all of our students this year, who navigated through all of the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.”