Huntington High School sophomore Olivia Polinsky.

Olivia Polinsky Enjoying a Great Huntington Experience

Huntington High School sophomore Olivia Polinsky.

March 14, 2022

Olivia Polinsky is in the midst of another great year. The Huntington High School sophomore is a standout, impressing classmates and teachers and earning the respect and admiration of everyone.

The teenager has won her fair share of awards across academic disciplines over the years and she’s garnered top grades from her teachers.

“I haven’t started seriously looking at colleges yet, but I am interested in possibly pursuing a career in science and communications,” Ms. Polinsky said.

The sophomore is especially enjoying science research and chemistry courses this year. “Science Research allows me to grow as a student and has shown me different ways of looking at materials,” Ms. Polinsky said. “I am much more confident in evaluating and testing and can implement a variety of approaches in my research. Honors Chemistry is an engaging, challenging and very enjoyable course.”

Ms. Polinsky said she has formed “great relationships” with several science department faculty members. “There are countless teachers in Huntington who have been great role models,” she said. “Mrs. [Lori] Kenny, Mr. [Matthew] Liguori, Ms. [Deborah] Beck and Mr. [Joseph] Malizia have been very influential and amazingly helpful. I am grateful to have been their student.”

The sophomore plays on the Blue Devil varsity field hockey team. The squad reached the playoffs and topped West Islip in an early round post-season game last fall. Huntington will enter the season next fall seeded No. 3 in Suffolk.

Ms. Polinsky volunteers with Huntington’s Key Club chapter, serving as an administrative assistant with the organization. She’s an active member of the high school’s Habitat for Humanity chapter and is also a member of the Art Honor Society. She plans to play on the new Blue Devil varsity girls’ golf team.

“Huntington has something to offer to everyone,” Ms. Polinsky said. “There are so many great clubs, sports and activities. It is so nice to have so many unique opportunities to be involved in at Huntington High School.”

One of the most popular members of the Class of 2024, Ms. Polinsky has an engaging personality. She is widely regarded as being kind and considerate and she respects everyone.

“So far my experience at Huntington High School has been great,” Ms. Polinsky said. “I have met so many people who really care about my growth and development. It seems like there are so many members of the faculty and staff who have reached out, given me great opportunities and have introduced me to the wonderful activities that this school offers.”