Jefferson Primary School's PTA Reflections contest participants.

Jefferson Celebrates PTA Reflections Contest Honorees

Jefferson Primary School's PTA Reflections contest participants.

March 2, 2022

Jefferson Primary School is celebrating a record 61 entries across visual arts and literature categories in this year’s PTA Reflections student contest.

Submissions were entered into K-2 or 3-4 grade divisions. “We were fortunate to have three teachers; Elle Chan, Nicole Hiscox and Catherine Schaeffer spearhead their class participation, which obviously helped generate many wonderful submissions for the judges to choose from,” Jefferson Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide said. “Through PTA funding, all students received a certificate, participant ribbon, globe keychain and a $5 gift card to Einstein's Attic Toy Store in Northport, which was generously donated by the owner as she has done for the past four years.”

The top two Award of Merit and Award of Excellence entries for each category and each division have been submitted to Suffolk for consideration of advancement to the state level contest. Last year, Jefferson’s Alex Holley did, in fact, advance to the state championships 

A short video highlighting Jefferson School’s contest submissions can be found here:

 Here’s a summary of Jefferson’s honorees: 

Visual Arts – K-2:
• Honorable Mention:  Sophia Boyle, Sophia Cruz Ponce, Ellie Rubin-Perez
• Award of Merit: Scarlett Gregory “Painting the World with Kindness”
• Award of Excellence: Willow Engel “Be A Zookeeper”

Visual Arts – 3rd Grade: 
• Honorable Mention: Emily Hiscox “Helping & Taking Care of Animals”
• Award of Merit: Saige Catlan “Panda Picture”
• Award of Excellence: Taylor Merrell “Let’s Save the Planet”

For Literature – K-2: 
• Honorable Mention: Jade Adwar “Help the Community”
• Award of Merit: Willow Engel “Change the World”
• Award of Excellence: Archer Hopkins “Change the World”

For Literature – 3rd Grade: 
• Honorable Mention: Alex Holley “Changing the World”
• Award of Merit:  Saige Catlan “Saving the Pandas”
• Award of Excellence: Rosie Carrillo “How You Can Make the World Better”
“Creative talent is strong at Jefferson,” Ms. Capitulo-Saide.