June's Washington Ways Award recipients are a fabulous bunch of youngsters.

Washington School Wraps up Year with Awards

June's Washington Ways Award recipients are a fabulous bunch of youngsters.

June 29 , 2022

A year like few others in its 68 year history culminated at Washington Primary School. Like its sister and brother schools across Huntington UFSD, Washington has managed to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and still provide its students with a well-rounded academic program.

Washington Principal Michelle Richards, faculty and support staff members are all pleased with how well students adapted to the many changes that the public health crisis necessitated these past two years. The youngsters stepped up and never complained. They did their best they could and kept a positive frame of mind.

Late last week, Dr. Richards announced the final round of Washington Ways Award recipients for 2021/22. The recognition goes to students who have worked exceedingly hard in their classes, cooperated with teachers and classmates and shown respect to everyone around the building.

June’s honorees include Owen McMahon, Jaslin Velasquez Umanzor, Mila Bogovic, Cristal Medrano, Jackie Reyes-Flores, Kailyn Pereira, Ashley Jacobo, Nathan Jurow, Carlos Aparicio Villegas, Felipe Escobar Gomez, Jason Horton, Anderson Royce, Adelina Harkinish, Iby Abarca Cruz, Angela Kekatos, Olivia Voight, Christopher Jimenez and Daniel Voight.

The entire classes of Victoria Creighton, Melissa Studdert and Melissa Mazzalonga were also recognized for their outstanding performance throughout the month of June.

“We are proud of these boys and girls and all of our Washington Primary School students,” Dr. Richards said. “We hope everyone enjoys a wonderful summer with their families and friends.”