Science Director Teresa Grossane with Huntington's St. John's Women in Science Award winners

Huntington Seniors Presented Women in Science Society Awards

Science Director Teresa Grossane with Huntington's St. John's Women in Science Award winners

June 29 , 2022

Science has been an academic discipline that has fascinated Huntington High School students since the earliest days of classroom education in the community.

Ever since 48 leading citizens joined together in 1793 and pledged the funds needed to erect a school building devoted to providing the young people of the community with a “classical” high school education, Huntington has been on the cutting edge of classroom instruction and has been sending its graduates to the top colleges and universities in the country and into every possible career field.

Nearly 230 years later, Huntington High School students continue to challenge themselves and they are still pursuing answers to some of the most difficult and mind-numbing questions posed by a variety of scientific fields.

Seventeen members of Huntington’s Class of 2022 recently captured the St. John’s University Women in Science Society Award for their sensational record of study. The teenagers were presented with certificates during a ceremony in the high school auditorium.

The award recipients include Alyson Baker (Indiana University-Bloomington), Cianna Batts (SUNY College at Geneseo), Madelyn Bavaro (Lehigh University), Katie Browne (Bucknell University), Jazlyn Chapas-Oliva (Hofstra University), Sydney Cordeiro (Florida Institute of Technology), Christina Drummings (University of California-Santa Cruz), Finley Dunn (Fashion Institute of Technology), Alexis Kaloudis (Binghamton University), Jasjeet Kaur (Stony Brook University), Grace McCallion (Binghamton University), Caroline O’Rourke (University of Scranton), Tallulah Pitti (University of Virginia), Emily Roberts (University of Pennsylvania), Nina Varvatsas (Quinnipiac University) and Erin Ye (Stanford University).

Huntington UFSD officials and teachers are already planning for a new year of science study. Faculty members are eagerly anticipating the day when academic life will return to normal and high school students can once again participate in internships in the community, including the Cold Spring Harbor Lab and Stony Brook University along with a long list of other opportunities to expand their intellectual horizons.