Felipe Villanueva plans to study engineering at the University of Rochester.

Felipe Villanueva Wins ATH Alan Kuver Scholarship

Felipe Villanueva plans to study engineering at the University of Rochester.

June 24 , 2022

Felipe Villanueva has captured the Associated Teachers of Huntington’s Alan Kuver Memorial Scholarship. One of the top members of the Huntington High School’s Class of 2022, the senior is headed to the University of Rochester to study engineering.

Mr. Kuver will never be forgotten. He gave everyone he worked with everything he had for as long as he possibly could. The longtime teacher passed away on July 1, 2014 after a 10 month battle with esophageal cancer, leaving behind admiring colleagues and countless Blue Devil fencers who will never forget their coach.

Associated Teachers of Huntington President James Graber presented a $1,000 scholarship to Mr. Villanueva at this month’s senior academic awards ceremony in the auditorium. The ATH pledged to present an annual award in memory of Mr. Kuver during the decade following his passing.

A star in the high school’s science research program, Mr. Villanueva said he enjoys setting high expectations and challenging himself. The teenager believes that the key to his success has been perseverance and hard work. He strives to always be the best possible person for himself and those around him. He has especially enjoyed working with his teachers and classmates along with making new friends and exploring a variety of clubs, activities and events. He has loved attending Blue Devil athletic contests.

Alan Drew Kuver

 Huntington teacher and fencing coach Alan Kuver passed away in June 2014.
Huntington teacher and fencing coach Alan Kuver passed away in June 2014.

Alan Drew Kuver was a member of Huntington High School’s Class of 1984. An articulate, soft-spoken man with a wonderful sense of humor, he was also a great conversationalist. He could hold court on almost any topic. His colleagues found him fascinating.

At the 46th annual Blue Devil senior athletic awards dinner in Louis D. Giani Gymnasium in June 2014, just weeks before he would succumb to his illness, Mr. Kuver spoke eloquently about the Huntington fencing program, its triumphs and some of its finest moments and about each of the senior athletes he worked with during what was his final season.

Mr. Kuver was a Blue Devil fan, frequently attending home and away games of sport teams as his schedule would allow. A dedicated coach, he devoted countless hours to working with his athletes year-round and maintaining their delicate equipment. He always had time to offer wise counsel and valuable advice to someone seeking it.

In addition to his long association with the Huntington fencing program, Mr. Kuver served a stint as the Blue Devil varsity girls’ track and field coach. He taught industrial arts and technology at Huntington High School and J. Taylor Finley Middle School and had an easy way of working with his students.

A resident of the Huntington School District, Mr. Kuver was often be seen around town, darting in and out of stores. A consummate professional, he helped guide many of his athletes into the college ranks, with several reaching the NCAA Division I fencing championships. He maintained relationships with a long list of Blue Devil alums, who he continued to mentor and encourage, years after they had graduated.