The Blue Devil Discipline, Desire & Dedication Award recipients. (Darin Reed photo.)

Blue Devil Discipline, Desire & Dedication Awards Presented

The Blue Devil Discipline, Desire & Dedication Award recipients. (Darin Reed photo.)

June 21, 2022

Principal Brenden Cusack presented the first ever Blue Devil Discipline, Desire and Dedication Awards at Huntington High School’s 54th annual senior athletic awards ceremony last Thursday night in the auditorium.

The seven recipients who received the award “all played important roles on their teams,” master of ceremonies Michael Schwendemann told the crowd. “This award goes to those who didn’t get their names in the headlines, but without them, their teams wouldn’t have been successful.”

The inaugural award recipients include Cassidy Casabona, Finnbar Cocoman, Harrison Krywak, Adrianna LoScalzo, John Marziliano, Jack O’Brien and Shaneek Shand.

“It’s not only what happens on game day, but the interactions with coaches and teammates and practices and away from the field,” Mr. Schwendemann told the crowd. “All seven of these seniors contributed in their own special way. Maybe they thought no one was watching or no one cared. But we did see them and we admire everything they did to make our teams successful.”

Ms. Casabona is headed to the University of Pennsylvania while Mr. Cocoman will be attending Marquette University. Mr. Krywak will be studying at York College of Pennsylvania with Ms. LoScalzo pursuing a degree at North Carolina State University at Raleigh. Mr. Marziliano is headed to Providence College in Rhode Island. Mr. O’Brien plans to attend York College of Pennsylvania. Ms. Shand will be attending SUNY College at Oneonta.

Mr. Cusack presented each of the teenagers with a handsome personalized plaque created just for the Blue Devils.