Huntington High School senior Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly Chooses University of Rhode Island

Huntington High School senior Lauren Holly

June 14, 2022

Lauren Holly has been an incredible musician, vocalist and actor at Huntington High School, but the senior is spectacular in the classroom, too. She plans to attend the University of Rhode Island and study mathematics and statistics.

“I chose the University of Rhode Island because I was looking for a school that would have options for everything I was interested in potentially studying and Rhode Island had everything I could’ve dreamed of,” Ms. Holly said. “They have both a really great math and technology department as well as music and theater. The campus is also stunning. I plan on studying mathematics and statistics and maybe computer science, with a minor in music. I’m still exploring my options for careers, but I’d love to stay in the field of either math or music.”

Ms. Holly got her start in Huntington UFSD as a Washington Primary School kindergartener. She has earned top grades and was recognized as a Distinguished Senior earlier this spring.

“Huntington definitely prepared me well for college and I couldn’t be more excited to go to URI,” Ms. Holly said. “I’ve had some very special teachers who made me feel way more excited than nervous, especially my internship mentor, Mrs. [Aimee] Antorino, who really gave me a great deal of real-life skills to help me succeed.”

Ms. Holly is very family oriented. Family members are never far away whenever the senior gets involved in an activity. Leaving her hometown for college will be an entirely different experience, but the teenager and her family will surely find a way to be together as frequently as possible.

“At Rhode Island, I’d really like to expand my horizons and try a lot of new things,” Ms. Holly said. “I know I’m definitely excited about its theater/drama department and music clubs, like their competitive a capella group, the Rhody Rhapsodies. Other than those, I’d like to get involved in the event planning committee and maybe Greek life. Go Rhody!”

Ms. Holly was the only senior on this year’s field hockey team, but she leaves behind a squad that will return as Suffolk’s No. 3 seed next fall. She’ll be rooting for the Blue Devils.

“I’ve been very lucky to be involved in so much at Huntington,” Ms. Holly said. “My freshmen year, I was voted in for Natural Helpers, which has taught me so much about how to help myself and others, emotionally and mentally, which I know will stick with me throughout my life.”

Ms. Holly played goalie on the field hockey team and captained the squad as a senior as well as serving as the president of the TRI-M Music Honor Society. The teenager said the two positions provided her with a “great leadership experience.”

The senior enjoying playing the part of Maggie Jones in the spring musical, “42nd Street.” “I really loved being a part of drama club,” Ms. Holly said. She added that the key to her academic success has been wanting to learn and understand more every day. She also cited her strong drive to do well and accomplish great things.

“The most fulfilling and enjoyable organization I have been a part of is the Huntington Blue Devil Marching Band,” Ms. Holly said. “I was able to meet so many people who have become some of my best friends. This year, I was the co-section leader of the front ensemble, playing the timpani. Marching band was truly my favorite part of high school.”

Ms. Holly has been nominated for and received many music related awards. The performing arts have been an important part of the teenager’s daily life at the high school.

“I haven’t done much traveling in my life, but I definitely plan on studying abroad in college,” Ms. Holly said. “The one place I’ve always wanted to visit is England. I’ve just been in love with it since I was really little and it’s always been my dream to go.”

As she prepares to graduate, one thing is certain: the senior will never forget the people and personalities that comprise Huntington UFSD and Huntington High School.

“Although there were some ups and downs, I will always be grateful for the experiences I’ve had, the relationships I’ve made and the memories that Huntington has given me,” Ms. Holly said.