Huntington High School junior Dominick Vidota.

Dominick Vidota Studies Effects of Spices on Microbes

Huntington High School junior Dominick Vidota.

June 1, 2022

Dominick Vidota has enjoyed a great junior year at Huntington High School, participating in clubs, sports and high end academic studies, including the science research program in which he’s been a standout.

Mr. Vidota transferred to Huntington from Chaminade. He immediately joined the Blue Devil football team and later competed on the fencing team. He won New York State Scholar Athlete Award honors during the fall and winter sports seasons.

The teenager has excelled in the science research program, developing a project titled “The Antimicrobial Effects of Spices on Microbes.” He has worked closely with high school teacher Deborah Beck.

“Using spice infused agar plates, I will measure the amount of inhibition every spice had on microbes that were applied to the plates,” wrote Mr. Vidota in his project description.

The junior said the spices, including cloves, black pepper and chili powder, have had varying levels of success against the various microbes, including S. cerevisiae, E. coli, P.fluorescens, P. chrysogenum and B. cereus.

Mrs. Beck provided Mr. Vidota with three “pre-made” experiments, from which he selected from to advance his work. The teenager believed the one described above, which he ultimately chose, was closest to the field of medicine, which he is particularly interested in.

“I am most excited about learning the effects of microbes and how they function.” Mr. Vidota said.

The junior is a perfect example of how participation in sports and academic excellence are not mutually exclusive. Mr. Vidota fits in perfectly at Huntington High School and is highly regarded by his classmates, teammates, teachers and coaches.