Huntington UFSD has partnered with Paper for round the clock online tutoring and help (3)

Huntington UFSD Partners for Students with

Huntington UFSD has partnered with Paper for round the clock online tutoring and help 

July 13 , 2022

Huntington UFSD is finding new ways to help students succeed. The district is partnering with to provide secondary school students and family members with unlimited access to trained tutors so every student can ask questions, work through problems and grow their confidence at no cost to families. is an online, on-demand tutoring service that provides students with unlimited, 24/7 academic support. Whether they’re stuck on homework, studying for a test or need someone to read and make suggestions to their writing, there will always be experts available online to assist students one-on-one in all subject areas and in more than four languages. will launch on Monday, July 11 to start assisting secondary grade level summer school students. Click on this link to review a list of frequently asked questions and their answers: Paper FAQs.

“This is a free service that the district is providing, so students are encouraged to use it as much as they need, whenever they need,” Assistant Superintendent Beth McCoy said. tutors have been specially trained to conduct expert, academic support in a secure, chat-based platform. With a commitment to helping students learn, they’ll never give students answers, but rather facilitate deeper learning by asking guiding questions and providing timely encouragement.

Huntington UFSD has created a special section on its website devoted to the new initiative. It is filled with information and links explaining the service and how it can help students succeed. To access the special section go to the Quick Clicks drop down menu (top right on home page) and under For Students click on the PAPER 24/7 Support link or just click here:

Students in grades 7-12 can access Paper via a tile in Clever. The tile can be found in the multi-subject section of Clever. Students click on the tile and will be brought directly to Paper, where they follow the prompts to receive assistance. tutors act as 24/7 teaching assistants, so teachers can allocate instructional time effectively knowing their students always have an extra helping hand. Teachers are always able to review student sessions to identify learning gaps and adjust their instruction as needed.

“Huntington UFSD is thrilled to offer our students the unlimited 24/7 support that this tutoring service provides and we can’t wait to see what we’re able to accomplish together,” Mrs. McCoy said.