Huntington fencing star Liam Tucker.

Junior Liam Tucker Surges to the Top of Fencing

Huntington fencing star Liam Tucker.

January 14, 2022

Liam Tucker is in the midst of a fabulous season with the Huntington High School fencing team. He is one of the top athletes in Suffolk and he is providing leadership and mentorship for his teammates, too.

“Fencing is a family thing for me,” Mr. Tucker said. “My brother, who was in the Huntington Class of 2018 started in seventh grade, my middle brother followed and then it was my turn in seventh grade and that was the one year I was on the team with both of them.”

Mr. Tucker has sharpened his skills over the years to the point where he is now a legitimate All-County and All-Long Island threat. He loves the practices and competitions.

The teenager is attracted by the individual nature of the sport. “Each bout is one vs. one, but you have your team there supporting you the whole time,” Mr. Tucker said. “It makes it much more satisfying when you win to know that you are not only making yourself or coach proud, but also your entire team.”

The junior has seen the team improve annually in each of the past five years. “This is our best season in years, even with the serious challenges the fencing team has been faced with,” Mr. Tucker said. “As for the team one of my favorite things about this sport is the team. This year not only holds the most talented fencers, but also the most supportive.”

Mr. Tucker encourages every Huntington UFSD to consider joining the fencing program. “Just try it out; come to night fencing after the season ends,” he said. “You will either fall in love with the sport or the people, but either way, the other will come shortly after.”