Sophia Segal is highly regarded by her classmates and teachers.

Junior Sophia Segal Excels at Huntington

Sophia Segal is highly regarded by her classmates and teachers.

January 14, 2022

Sophia Segal is one of Huntington High School’s exceptional juniors. She’s a go-getter who earns top grades and has thrived in multiple leadership roles. The teenager is shining in every possible way.

“Overall, my year has been going very well,” Ms. Segal said. “Despite the pandemic, I have tried my best to stay positive and continue to find events to look forward to. I have specifically achieved this through my involvement in multiple extracurriculars. One of the main clubs that I am involved with is Key Club. I have held the position of lieutenant governor [of Division 3 of Key Club’s New York District] since freshman year and my term will finish at the end of March 2022. In this role, I have built amazing connections and have had the opportunity to present on how to stay connected while in a virtual setting, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and how to be a good public speaker.”

The ongoing pandemic has been difficult on everyone, including high school students, but Ms. Segal has been finding ways to make the best of the situation while continuing to thrive.

“While the COVID restrictions have been very hard to manage, I have tried to spend quality time with my family and have also had some plans with friends,” Ms. Segal said. “I feel that while it is extremely important to prioritize health and physical safety, mental health must also be a primary consideration. With that, getting the opportunity to take part in club events, even if
it is something as simple as a bake sale, has really allowed me to feel like I am fulfilling my high school aspirations.”

The teenager is enjoying another great year. “One of my favorite courses is Advanced Placement Spanish with Sra. [Elizabeth] Casazza,” Ms. Segal said. “I love making comparisons between Spanish speaking countries and the United States and have also thoroughly enjoyed having Sra. Casazza again as a teacher. I also love how she consistently puts energy into prioritizing student needs. As a freshman, I had Sra. Casazza and also worked with her in the yearbook club. She has been an amazing teacher and has taught me so much in Spanish and beyond.”

The junior is also having a great experience in AP Language and Composition with teacher Victoria Geier. “I love how she always creates a very fun classroom environment and makes sure that everyone thoroughly understands the class material,” Ms. Segal said. “In class, we are currently reading ‘The Great Gatsby,’ which has been very interesting as we have connected the characters to the American Dream.”

Another favorite class is AP US History with teacher Kenneth Donovan. “His class is very interactive and I really appreciate how the contents of many of the units connect to today,” Ms. Segal said. “Mr. Donovan has also helped me in my research for the National History Day project, which has been very helpful.”

Vice President of the Spanish Honor Society, where she has “really enjoyed working” with faculty advisor Nadine Araoz and her fellow officers, Ms. Segal is also a member of the English Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society and the National Honor Society.

“Most recently with the Spanish Honor Society, I helped present to intermediate grade level students about why Spanish is a great language to take,” Ms. Segal said. “I really enjoyed getting to hear the questions from the students and giving personal anecdotes about my experience in the Spanish program. Through the society, I have also started to tutor two seventh graders, which has not only been very advantageous for them, but it has also allowed me to enhance my Spanish speaking skills.”

Ms. Segal has volunteered with Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity chapter since her sophomore year. The teenager is most closely associated with Key Club.

“While holding the lieutenant governor position, I have sent out weekly updates. Completed monthly newsletters and other paperwork and helped plan events for the New York District,” Ms. Segal said. “I was also recently accepted to be on a Global Relations Committee, where I have the opportunity to interact with Key Club members from all over the world and discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion, educate others on how global Key Club really is and work with the three main branches of Key Club: Key Club, Circle K and Kiwanis,” Ms. Segal said.

While holding the lieutenant governor position, Ms. Segal has also made time to actively participate in club events. “In December, I helped out at Target Tour, which is a community service event where I helped an underprivileged child get their winter essentials,” the junior said. I really enjoyed taking part in this event because I knew the impact that I was able to make for the children and community.”

Ms. Segal is this year’s president of the yearbook club, which is producing the 2022 edition of ‘The Huntingtonian.’ “I have really loved getting to organize the contents of the yearbook and Sra. Casazza has really guided me through the new virtual model,” the teenager said.

The junior has also been involved in the environmental club since her freshman and is serving as this year’s social media coordinator. “It has been great to publicize the club on social media and make everyone aware of the club events,” Ms. Segal said.

An academic powerhouse, Ms. Segal is planning to go into either politics or public health. She also plans to study Spanish in college. “Since I am in my twelfth year of Spanish (she participated in the district’s dual language program), I have adopted many valuable skills that will also help me in my future studies,” she said. “As for politics, I have always had a profound interest in social justice and believe that if I go into the political field, I will be able to also use my background in community service and public speaking skills that I have acquired from my extracurriculars.”