Finley enjoyed its best performance of the season.

Finley Girls’ Volleyball Tops West Hollow

Finley enjoyed its best performance of the season.

January 7, 2022

Everything came together for the J. Taylor Finley Middle School girls’ volleyball team as it played its heart out and toppled West Hollow on the road in thrilling fashion this week.

“We won today,” head coach Carrie Postel exclaimed with excitement. “It was very exciting and a nail biter. We stuck together and played as a team today.” 

The skills of Finley’s players have improved by leaps and bounds. “It’s amazing to watch the progress from not knowing a thing about volleyball to winning games,” Postel said. “I tell the girls that it’s not about winning or losing; it’s about playing the game the correct way.”

Finley’s roster includes seventh grader Alexandra Boeckmann, La-Khiasja Casey, Jordyn Gross, Madyn Kalb, Manpreet Kaur, Grace Kline, Elliot Manu, Logan Miller, Caroline Mitek, Dakota Respass, Jocelyn Thorbourne and Andreana Vlahos; and eighth graders Ashley Alexis, Emily Barba, Keysy Diaz Campos, Kymora Dorvilus, Chelsea Gordon, Ruby Hoffman, Naomi Lyons, Mia Miller, Cecilena Monge Moreira, Samantha Muller, Isabella Palacios and Riley Uvena.

Finley’s stars and supporting cast members played their best game of the winter season and many athletes earned shout-outs from their coach.

“Emily Barba is a strong player,” Postel said. “She serves well and knows the game of volleyball. Ashley Alexis has learned to play the net well with blocking and is starting to hit the ball. As setters, Madyn Kalb and Jordyn Gross were quick to learn how to run the court. Kymora Dorvilus is very vocal on the court and encourages her teammates. Isabella Palacios is a hustler and dives all over to pick up the ball.”

Volleyball has become one of Finley’s most popular sports for seventh and eighth grade girls at the school.