Washington students are working to be the best version of themselves.

Washington Celebrates Student Award Recipients

Washington students are working to be the best version of themselves.

January 5, 2022

Washington Primary School is motoring right along, not missing a beat in the 2021/22 school year. Principal Michelle Richards, teachers, support staff and parents are all striving to give students the best possible experience, despite the limitations necessitated by COVID-19.

Dr. Richards recently announced the names of December’s Washington Ways Award recipient. The students were excited to be recognized and posed for individual photographs. They are an outstanding group of youngsters, who are all working hard in their classes and displaying exemplary behavior all over the building – even outside on the playground.

Washington Ways Award winners for December include Lucas Escobar, Aylah Matos DeLeon, Serafina Hanson, Noah Derousseau, Jackie Reyes-Flores, Ethan Villanueva Vasquez, Levi Vasquez Zavala, Savannah Appiagyei, Amelia Dhir, Emma Harkinish, Edras Garcia Reyes, Desmond Cunningham, Jose Cisneros, Avery Brown, Monica Ng, Joe Castillo and Thomas Evernham.

The entire classes of Miriam Gonzalez-Engle and Katie Kalkau were also honored for their splendid performance throughout the month.

Washington students love academic challenges. The subject doesn’t really matter. They are up for tackling any topic and work hard to master it.

“We are so proud of all these award winners and all of our students here at Washington Primary School,” Dr. Richards said.

With January underway, Washington students are busy working on their portfolios of achievement. They like being recognized for their classroom efforts and are equally happy to be spotted doing a good deed around the school building.

Dr. Richards and Washington’s faculty, staff and parents have many more special events planned between now and June. They are all sure to bring a smile to the faces of the students who are working so hard.