Flower Hill School's December Star Students.

Saluting Flower Hill’s Spectacular Stars

Flower Hill School's December Star Students.

January 5, 2022

Flower Hill Primary School’s Star Students of the Month are a splendid group of youngsters, well deserving of awards.

Flower Hill has a great group of young people attending classes this year. They are working hard with the building’s faculty and staff and quietly making their mark. Each of the youngsters has their own particular strengths and interests and they all – to a kid – love coming to school each day.

Flower Hill’s teachers found it especially difficult to select a small group for December’s Stars of the Month Award. The youngsters who were tapped broke out in wide smiles when they learned of the honor.

Principal Lucia Laguarda presented certificates to:

Kindergarten: Colin Walker, Parker Niedzila, Niam Ramnarine, Fiorella Suazo Padilla, Jadiel Argueta Bonilla
First grade: Paul Hatzidakis, Griffin Selkirk, Jasmine Kosloff, Meraris Jimenez Redondo, Julio Ulloa-Gonzalez, Angie Mendoza-Sanchez
Second grade: Oliver Schaefer, Taylor Flynn, Noah Finkelstein, Luca Hansen, Roger Hernandez Gamez
Third grade: Eva Alfaro, Zachary Ali, Dylan Flynn, Meilyn Martinez Isidro, Caroline Wegielnik

January 2022 brought a renewed energy and sense of purpose to Flower Hill’s classrooms. While the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over just yet, students, teachers and staff are all looking forward to brighter days ahead. Meanwhile, students on every grade level are committed to doing their best as the school year marches forward.