Alexis Kaloudis is one of Huntington's spectacular seniors.

Alexis Kaloudis Keeps College & Career Options Open

Alexis Kaloudis is one of Huntington's spectacular seniors.

January 5, 2022

Alexis Kaloudis isn’t about to close off any college or career options just yet. The Huntington High School senior is keeping an open mind about her future, although she is giving it plenty of thought and has developed several interests.

Ms. Kaloudis is what is commonly referred to as a high achiever. She’s a teacher’s dream, seeking out academic challenges, compiling an exceptional record in classes across every discipline and taking leadership roles in several high school organizations.

President of the Latin Honor Society, treasurer of Huntington’s highly regarded Key Club chapter and an active member of the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society, Science Honor Society, English Honor Society and Tri-M Honor Society, Ms. Kaloudis will also be participating in the spring musical with the drama club.

“Outside of school, I am a Girl Scout and I work as a gymnastics coach at Gold Medal Gymnastics Center,” Ms. Kaloudis said. The teenager has become an expert at juggling many different activities and commitments while still managing to master just about everything.

The senior has narrowed her list of potential college landing spots to three favorites. She isn’t about to commit to a specific academic major, but she is heavily leaning in a general direction.

“Currently, my top colleges are Georgetown, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Boston College,” Ms. Kaloudis said. “Regarding what I’d like to study in college, I’m undecided. I know that I would like to study something under the humanities umbrella, but I’m trying to keep my options open for now.”

Ms. Kaloudis is popular with her classmates and teachers. She has a wonderful and engaging personality. One can clearly sense she genuinely cares about others and is always ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand.

“Some classes that I’m taking this year that I really enjoy include Advanced Placement Latin with Mrs. [Kristin] Fortunato, AP Micro Economics with Mr. [James] Graber and Women’s Studies with Ms. [Camille] Tedeschi,” Ms. Kaloudis said. “Every one of these classes have proven to be extremely interesting and rewarding and I’m really glad I chose to enroll in them.”  

The teenager came into the 2021/22 full of energy after a summer spent with her friends and at the beach. “I went on multiple college visits, visiting schools in Boston, Washington D.C. and North Carolina,” Ms. Kaloudis said. “I spent the end of my summer in Disney World with my family.”

The senior has done quite a bit of traveling with her family over the years, visiting many different states and countries. “Two of my favorite places are Hawaii and England,” Ms. Kaloudis said. “I love traveling and I plan to study abroad once I am in college.”

The teenager’s first quarter report card was nothing short of spectacular. There is no “senioritis” when it comes to Ms. Kaloudis, who continues to impress the high school faculty.

“Huntington High School is a place that shaped me into who I am today,” Ms. Kaloudis said. “I want people to know that Huntington has an excellent group of educators, and I truly feel that I’ve received a wonderful education here. I’ll always be grateful for the teachers and mentors I’ve had here at Huntington.”

In six more months, Ms. Kaloudis will wrap-up her Huntington UFSD experience and move on to a new chapter in her life. But the teenager will always have a special place in her heart for the Blue Devils and all the friends she has made here.

“Overall, my experience in Huntington has been great,” Ms. Kaloudis said. “I’ve been provided with so many opportunities to learn and grow that I feel I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a diverse and supportive community filled with teachers, classmates and mentors who have helped me along the way.”