Huntington senior Leo Martinez plans to enlist in the US Marine Corps

Senior Leo Martinez Eyes US Marine Corps

Huntington senior Leo Martinez plans to enlist in the US Marine Corps

January 4, 2022

Leo Martinez loves America and the Huntington High School senior plans to serve it as a member of the US Marine Corps following his graduation in June.

“I think enlisting in the US Marine Corps would be my best step after high school because the military instills a lot of discipline and since I was little I like difficult challenges,” Mr. Martinez said. “I consider myself a very strong person with a lot of physical agility. My family and my philosophy of living inspires me to enlist in the US Marines Corps. I plan to study electronics engineering.” (Electronics and communications engineering is in the family of electrical engineering.)

Mr. Martinez likes to create so it isn’t surprising that among his favorite courses are media arts and wood shop. “The wood shop helped me a lot in real life, because the skills learned during class allowed me to help with some things around the house with my dad,” the senior said. “The same with media arts as well, Now I help my parents make  pamphlets for our family businesses.”

The teenager is especially close to science teachers Nicole Cooper and Luigi Papasidero, “because they have known me since Day One and they also guided me through the right pathway by always correcting me and staying on me, but it was all worth it,” Mr. Martinez said.

The senior has played on the Blue Devil varsity football team and is currently on the Huntington track team. He’s a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society.

Mr. Martinez is involved with the high school’s social justice ambassador program. “In my community. I form part of my parent’s karate team, which I help by teaching others of my age or younger. I have participated in this since I was four years old.”

Mr. Martinez is happy with his life and he’s looking forward to the future. He’s excited at the prospect of becoming a United States Marine.

“My experience at Huntington High School has been amazing,” Mr. Martinez said. “I love my school and my friends and the staff make this school the best one for me. The honor societies, the sports and every group just make Huntington High School the best school.

The senior has enjoyed these past four years. “Huntington High school is a very family-friendly school and attentive to all of us students,” Mr. Martinez said. “All our teachers and security guards protect us and that makes me feel very safe in my own school.”

The teenager has made good use of his time throughout high school. He loves America, but also has strong ties to South America.