Huntington's Anthony Amitrano with Michael McCourt

Anthony Amitrano Garners Patrick McCourt Scholarship

Huntington's Anthony Amitrano with Michael McCourt

August 1 , 2022

The Patrick Thomas McCourt Memorial Scholarship was created following a frightful accident that continues to sadden the heart and soul. A member of Huntington High School’s Class of 2006, the 22-year old was killed September 17, 2011 after being struck by two cars while walking along Veterans Memorial Highway in Holbrook.

“As our tribute to Patrick, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student who we feel embodies his spirit and legacy,” said Michael McCourt, who presented the 2022 award on behalf of his family at Huntington’s senior scholarships and awards ceremony in the high school auditorium. “The McCourt family is grateful to the Rotary Club for allowing us to maintain this fund under its auspices and for the generosity of donors to the fund.”

This year’s $1,000 McCourt scholarship was awarded to Anthony Amitrano, who will attend SUNY College at Oswego as he studies for a career as a technology teacher.

Captain of the reestablished Blue Devil varsity bowling team and a key member of Huntington’s robotics team, which he served as chief technology officer, Mr. Amitrano “has a keen mind and a drive to succeed,” said Bernadette Walsh, the high school’s college counselor. “He is always learning, stretching himself and seeking new opportunities to reach his goals. I am impressed with his solid work ethic and determination to succeed.”

The teenager is known for his old-fashioned work ethic. “In the classroom he is known as a hard worker who is not afraid to express his opinion, asking the questions that others might shy away from,” Mrs. Walsh said. “He is a highly reflective young man who is always looking to challenge himself.”

Patrick Thomas McCourt was born October 20, 1988. He was a popular figure around Huntington, performing in the marching band, serving as captain of the Blue Devil fencing team and participating in various school activities.

“Patrick was a serious student, a quick wit, a true friend, a helpful neighbor and a responsible citizen,” said Michael McCourt at the scholarship presentation ceremony. “Well-loved and admired, he is sorely missed by many.”

During his years at Huntington High School, Mr. McCourt was very well-liked and developed close relationships with a core group of friends, along with many others. He graduated from George Washington University, focusing his studies on civil engineering. He quickly found work in the field shortly after his college graduation.

In addition to his sisters Meredith and Kiera, Mr. McCourt was survived by his parents, Patrick and Mary and his brother, Michael.

In the 2006 edition of The Huntingtonian, Huntington High School’s annual yearbook, Mr. McCourt’s photo appears on page 38, along with the senior quote he chose from comedian Steven Wright: “I intend to live forever. So far, so good.”

Patrick Thomas McCourt Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2022 Anthony Amitrano
2021 David Canas Granados
2020 Ethan Mulroy
2019 Luke Luckow
2018 Erica Vazquez
2017 Christiana Reinertsen
2016 Santos Garcia Avelar
2015 Brandon Mendez
2014 Rachel Feltman
2013 Daniel Moya
2012 Thomas Hardardt