Huntington High School senior Alyson Baker.

Huntington Senior Alyson Baker Exudes Optimism

Huntington High School senior Alyson Baker.

September 30, 2021

Alyson Baker is a happy and optimistic Huntington High School senior who is highly regarded by her classmates, teammates, teachers and coaches. She’s enjoying a great experience with stimulating classes, clubs, sports and several leadership positions.

Ms. Baker’s pleasant personality and positive frame of mind has made her very popular with everyone around the high school. She is a wonderful young woman with a great work ethic and a willingness to commit to what she finds important in life.

“This past summer I worked at the Crescent Beach Club as a tennis instructor for children ages 5-13 and also in the pro shop setting up everything in the store and working on the computer,” Ms. Baker said. 

Co-captain of the Blue Devil varsity tennis team, Ms. Baker has been a great player for Huntington over the years. She works hard in practice, is a great competitor and has fun, too.

A lab assistant for high school science teacher Amelia Saggese, Ms. Baker is the secretary-treasurer of Huntington’s Interact Club chapter. She’s also an administrative assistant with the Key Club and a member of the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.

“I am also working with a little girl as a teacher’s aide at a local Sunday school,” Ms. Baker said. “As the year continues on, I plan to take advantage of many volunteering opportunities through my clubs that I’m involved in.”

Ms. Baker said she has been “looking forward” to several classes that she’s currently taking, including calculus with teacher Joann Ferazi, Advanced Placement US Government & Politics with Sarah Buchalter and AP Environmental Science with Nicole Cooper.

The courses that I’m looking forward to this year is calculus with Mrs. Ferazi, AP Government with Mrs. Buchalter, and AP Environmental Science with Mrs. Cooper.

“I’m looking into colleges all over from Upstate New York, Virginia, the Boston area and Florida,” Ms. Baker said. “I’m interested in majoring in business/management and would like to continue on that path into a business career post college.”