Huntington High School senior Jillian LoTurco

Jillian LoTurco Anticipates Challenges & Memorable Experiences

Huntington High School senior Jillian LoTurco

September 20, 2021

Life just wouldn’t be as exciting without challenges of all sorts. Jillian LoTurco would be the first to agree. The Huntington High School senior has become expert at juggling many different activities in and out of the classroom and the results have been simply marvelous.

Ms. LoTurco is a veritable academic and co-curricular juggernaut, excelling in her classes, taking leadership roles in various clubs and organizations and starring in everything she decides to get involved in.

The teenager likes to stretch her boundaries and step outside of her comfort zone. She has grown in every possible way over the past four years and is considering some of the top universities in the country to continue her education after she graduates next June.

“My summer flew by, but I’m not complaining since I am excited to start my senior year at Huntington High School,” Ms. LoTurco said. “This past summer I returned to the Lloyd Harbor Bath Club for my second year as a camp counselor. Although that took up most of my weeks, I also participated in a virtual genome science camp through the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center. The remainder of my summer was spent enjoying time with my friends and family.”

The senior is very highly regarded by her classmates and teachers. She has carved out an impressive record at Huntington and she is far from through.

“I anticipate senior year will be filled with academic challenges as well as many memorable experiences,” Ms. LoTurco said. “I am looking forward to being very involved in Habitat for Humanity alongside Mr. [Robert] Gilmor as I am president of this amazing organization. I also can’t wait to show the results of the Huntington Highsteppers’ hard work. As one of the senior captains, I am so excited to spend my last year on the team with such a dedicated group of girls. The mock trial team will certainly fill up my remaining time in anticipation of competing for a Suffolk County championship.”

An excellent student; one of the most accomplished in the senior class, Ms. LoTurco works hard in every class and she has the grades to prove it.

“I am really looking forward to Advanced Placement Psychology with Mr. [Peter] Crugnale as I find it to be a fascinating topic and I am really excited to have another math class with Mrs. [Joann] Ferazi,” Ms. LoTurco said.

The teenager plans to enjoy every day of her senior year, but she is also busy planning for her future.

“Although I am not certain about my future career path at this point, I visited many colleges over the past year including Clemson University and the University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin and Indiana University,” Ms. LoTurco said. “I have no doubt that Huntington High School has more than prepared me for my next chapter.”