Huntington High School senior Ashley Genao

Ashley Genao Eyes Career as Immigration Lawyer & Businesswoman

Huntington High School senior Ashley Genao

September 17, 2021

The summer vacation was put to very good use by Huntington High School’s Ashley Genao, who used the time to prepare for her senior year and to lay the groundwork for her college applications.

“All summer long I was doing my summer assignments, college essays, working on my college visit plans and I even started working on some applications,” Ms. Genao said. “Not only did I spend time on important school work, but I also trained for the soccer season. On top of all that, I continued to do my volunteer work at the Huntington Community First Aid squad to help our Huntington family in time of need.”

Ms. Genao is one of the Huntington varsity girls’ soccer team’s goalies and she’s also a star vocalist with the high school choir program. She’s also been one of the best performers with the Blue Devil mock trial team for several years.

“I have so many plans for this upcoming school year,” Ms. Genao said. “I’m truly excited for this bittersweet year as it’s my senior year. I plan on continuing to fulfill my duties as vice president of the Class of 2022 as well as continuing to participate in many different clubs, sports and in the community.

Ms. Genao has been a key member of the mock trial team’s corps of attorneys. She sings with the a capella choir and is a contributing member of several clubs, including Grandfriends and A World of Difference. A member of the drama club’s stage crew, the teenager also performs in the jazz band.

Appointed by the Huntington School Board as a high school science program lab assistant, Ms. Genao also volunteers with the Huntington Community First Aid Squad. In addition to playing soccer, she’s been on the Blue Devil basketball team for many years.

“I’m extremely excited to take Advanced Placement U.S Government and Politics,” Ms. Genao said. “I’m also really looking forward to taking AP Psychology. Overall, I can’t wait to work with all my teachers this year!”

Ms. Genao is a happy-go-lucky young woman with a great sense of humor and a positive outlook on life.

“Although I’m sad it’s my last year here at Huntington, I’m very excited for the next chapter in my life and that’s college,” Ms. Genao said. “I have a list of quite a few potential colleges, including St. John’s University, Fordham University, Boston College, Boston University, Florida International University, New York University, Columbia University, Utica College, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University and few more. I truly believe with hard work and dedication I can make it to any of these schools that’s why I set the bar high for myself.”

Ms. Genao plans to pursue a double academic major in political science and psychology with a minor in business. The teenager said her goal is to become a successful immigration lawyer and business owner.