The Huntington Booster Club's online store has reopened for Blue Devil fans

Booster Club’s Online Store Returns for Blue Devil Fans

The Huntington Booster Club's online store has reopened for Blue Devil fans

September 3, 2021

The Huntington Booster Club’s online store is back in business for Blue Devil fans. An assortment of new items are available for purchase along with some of the most perennially popular pieces of apparel.

Visit to access the store and view all of the items, which come in various colors, styles and fabrics. Each of the items is of high quality. There is something for every Blue Devil athlete and fan and family member. Items will be available for pickup a few weeks after submitting an order.

Most of the items come in a variety of sizes and many have an assortment of options available to customize the apparel to a person’s individual tastes.

The online store will remain open through September 9 so plan your visit now. The new items are already proving to be popular with Blue Devil fans, who are snatching them up daily.

Once an order is placed, the items will be manufactured and delivered to the Huntington Booster Club. Customers will be contacted and an appointment date and time will be set for pick-up in the parking lot at Huntington High School.

A portion of the proceeds from each item will go to the Huntington Booster Club to fund its operations and grant program.

The Huntington Booster Club was established to promote extracurricular activities, particularly interscholastic sports for Huntington UFSD students.

The goals of the Booster Club are to provide financial support for annual awards, purchase of equipment, summer sports programs, and refreshments at athletic events and sports awards nights.

Interested in getting involved with the Huntington Booster Club and the Blue Devil athletic program? Call or send a message to the organization’s president, Joe Mattio at 631.418.4600 for more information.