Huntington High School senior Morgan Colleluori

Morgan Colleluori Strives to Make Senior Year Her Best

Huntington High School senior Morgan Colleluori

October 29 , 2021

Morgan Colleluori is in the midst of her senior year at Huntington High School and she is doing everything she can to make it a great one. The teenager is enrolled in an interesting slate of classes, is active in clubs, academic honor societies and school related organizations and is a valued member of the Highsteppers competitive dance team.

Vice president of Huntington’s Key Club chapter, the teenager said she’s been heavily involved in the organization since her freshman year. “I am so excited for everything that we have planned this year,” Ms. Colleluori said.

The senior is the Latin Honor Society’s secretary as well as being an administrative assistant with the National Honor Society. She also a member of the English, Math and Science Honor Societies.

The teenager joined the Huntington Highsteppers competitive dance team this year. “It’s been so much fun and I’m very excited to be attending the nationals in Florida in February,” she said.

Ms. Colleluori has been a member of the Huntington Foundation’s Youth Board since ninth grade, “which has been an amazing experience,” she said. “It has been great to see the money raised by HFEE go directly into programs and classes that I have been able to take part in myself, such as Virtual Enterprise.”

The teenager is in the midst of choosing where to go with her life. “I’m definitely looking into colleges in warmer climates, mostly down south,” Ms. Colleluori said. “I am especially interested in the University of Miami and Clemson University, which I had the chance to visit this year, but I also have several other great options on my list. I’m not sure exactly what I want to major in, so I will be going in undeclared and look forward to exploring different areas of study.”

Ms. Colleluori loves to explore new places. “COVID made it difficult for me to travel over the summer,” she said. “However, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit a handful of college campuses, which I really enjoyed. I also spent several days at the beach this summer, many of which were spent surfing, which has become one of my favorite summer traditions.”

The teenager is very well liked around the high school and community. “I have created so my great relationships with many of my teachers here at Huntington and I can safely say I’ve had such a good experience in all of my classes,” Ms. Colleluori said. “However, I have specifically worked closely with Mrs. [Kristin] Fortunato, Mrs. [Kelly] Krycinski, and Ms. [Aimee] Antorino over the years. Ms. Fortunato has been my Latin teacher since I was in sixth grade, so I can safely say that she has always been one of my role models growing up and I have been able to form a great bond with her over the years. I have also worked closely with Mrs. Krycinski since my freshman year, as she has been my both teacher and Key Club advisor. I have formed a good relationship with Ms. Antorino over the years and have gotten to know both her and her foundation, Rachel’s Dance for the Cure, very well. I have had the privilege of attending many events in support of her foundation, one of which being Rachel’s Walk-a-Thon, which was held last May.”

Ms. Colleluori is staying busy with school work. She is studying hard for a handful of Advanced Placement classes, including AP Latin, AP Micro/Macro Economic, AP English Literature and Composition and AP Calculus AB.

“I am especially enjoying my internship with Mrs. Krycinski in one of her ninth grade English classes,” Ms. Colleluori said. “I have been able to learn a lot from helping her in the classroom and have even started to help teach lessons in the class, so I am grateful to have that opportunity.”

As the year marches on, the teenager knows her time at Huntington High School is drawing to a close and a new chapter of her life is about to open.

“I’ll never forgot how I was told so many times as a freshman that these next four years would fly by so fast, but now four years later I’ve realized that this could not be more true,” Ms. Colleluori said. “I have definitely had an amazing experience at Huntington and have formed so many friendships with both my peers and my teachers that I hope to keep over the years.”