Woodhull will celebrate Unity Day this week.

Woodhull School to Celebrate Unity Day

Woodhull will celebrate Unity Day this week.

October 18 , 2021

The Woodhull Intermediate School community will come together tighter than ever this week when it celebrates Unity Day on Thursday. Students, teachers, staff and parents and family members will join in a “message of support and hope to show that we are united against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.”

Coordinated by school social workers Catherine Juliano and Mary Guzman-Lewis the day promises to be both fun and educational.

“We are encouraging all students and staff to wear orange next Thursday,” Ms. Juliano said. “We will facilitate a fun Random Acts of Kindness activity for all students to participate in. At the end of the day, students are welcome to take home a ‘kindness scavenger hunt to do with family and/or friends. We encourage all families to do this together, and to continue the conversation at home about the importance of kindness.”

Like all of its sister schools in Huntington UFSD, Woodhull Intermediate School is a melting pot of nationalities, cultural traditions, creeds, races and personalities. But most of all, the students spread across grades four, five and six love their families, friends, school and America. They are proud of the lives they live and are all thrilled to be part of the Huntington community.

Numbering nearly 500, Woodhull students are a remarkably tightknit group of young people. So celebrating Unity Day is only natural for them. Without a doubt they will welcome the opportunity to display a thoroughly united front against bullying and will surely take delight in expressing kindness along with a sense of acceptance and inclusion.